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IT Operating Model

Create the organization and processes to deliver IT as a Service, including service strategy and pricing.

Data center modernization, moving to private cloud and leveraging public cloud can all drive the need for new infrastructure and new automation. You need to be ready to operate in your new environment.

What services you should have? How will you cost and price them? What organization and processes will you initially need to get up and running? How will you adapt your organization and processes as you build out additional infrastructure, automation and capabilities?

Evolving to a services-oriented operating model can prepare you to become operational, sooner. This means having a comprehensive service strategy with well-defined services, both internal and external, that will be provided to end-users. It means providing financial transparency with detailed service costs and accurate cost allocation based on service usage. And it means having the organization and processes to better align IT with the business and create business value.

Dell EMC offers a broad portfolio of services that can help you:

  • Identify what services to offer, organize them in a service catalog, and deliver them through a self-service portal.
  • Determine detailed service costs for proper service pricing, and enable you to communicate service costs based on usage.
  • Define the processes, roles and organizational structure to enable IT to better understand the needs and expectations of the business, and deliver the supply of services the business wants.

End-users will be empowered to find, request and consume IT services. IT will be able to communicate service usage and costs so the business understands the true costs of the services they use. And having the right organization and processes in place allows IT to improve communication and collaboration with the business, improve operational efficiency and agility, and deliver the right services faster.