• By 2020, it is estimated the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes of data

    Dell EMC is helping businesses store, analyze, and protect their data. Transform your business with 1.8x better predictionsto understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk, and enable innovation. Is your business prepared to leverage its data?

  • Turn your data into revenue

    Dell EMC provides the infrastructure you need to derive business outcomes from your Big Data. Address massive capacity while supporting traditional and next-gen applications by modernizing your data center.



      Quick. Scalable. Integrated.

      Gain web-scale capacity quickly and without disruption by scaling at the core and integrating with the cloud. Leverage massive capacity with no need for data migrations. 



      Massive. Centralized. Simplified.

      Enterprise data growth is best addressed by consolidating storage into one central repository with single volume architecture to simplify analytics and management no matter how large your data environment gets.



      Trends. Gaps. Opportunities.

      Whether descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive analytics, the greatest insights come from a powerful infrastructure - giving your company a competitive edge and increased revenue.

    • Use a Data Lake to get the scalability you want and enable the analytics you need

      A Data Lake from Dell EMC gives you one single system to capture, store, analyze, protect and manage your data. Everything is faster without the need to move and copy data across silos.

  • Dell EMC and customers alike have unlocked the power of Big Data

    • Amadeus discovers the power of Big Data analytics

      Amadeus, a leader in travel technology, has effectively managed operations and is bringing travelers better service than ever before.

    • Inovalon can now go faster and farther

      Inovalon, a massive healthcare technology company, is processing high volumes of data quickly and improving the lives of customers and patients.

    • Dell EMC gained immediate results with a Data Lake

      The Dell EMC Marketing Science Lab was created to deliver unprecedented 360-degree views of customer behaviors. See how you can do the same.

  • “The days when business can assign analytics to IT are over. Tomorrow business leaders must embrace analytics as a business discipline.”

    Bill Schmarzo, CTO, EIM Service Line at Dell EMC

    Discover more on Bill’s blog

    • Get started with Big Data

      Explore the Dell EMC portfolio to find the infrastructure you need to capitalize on your Big Data.