• What Is An All-Flash Array?

    An All-Flash Array, also referred to as a SSA or Solid State Array, is data storage that contains multiple Flash memory drives. When the term “All-Flash Array” is used, it is generally compared to other data storage such as spinning media, or more recently, Hybrid Flash Arrays, which are a combination of spinning media and Flash. However, All-Flash storage contains no moving parts, which means significantly less heat generated, less power utilized, and less maintenance. From a functional standpoint, All-Flash technology (and the Flash array in general) provides vastly superior performance; fewer spikes in latency, better disaster recovery, support of real-time analytics, much faster data transfer rates, and the ability to free IT staff to focus on other tasks. All-Flash Arrays provide the foundation for next-generation business applications, and the All-Flash data center.


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    App-integrated copy management

    Self-service provisioning, orchestration, and automation

    Storage management via 3rd-party application interfaces (SAP, vRealize, Microsoft, etc.)

    REST API, and CLI/scripting management frameworks 


    3rd-party application monitoring platform integration (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.)

    Virtualization monitoring platform integration

    Advanced storage analytics and historical reporting

    Storage resource management reporting 


    Local data protection

    Async, multi-data center replication

    Continuous availability

    Direct streamlined backups

    Multipathing with PowerPath


    Fully tested, pre-configured converged infrastructures for DB, VDI, and Hybrid cloud solutions 

    What Is Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM)?

    Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) enables the consolidation of primary data and associated copies on the same scale-out All-Flash Array for high-performance, efficient, instant application copies. Integrated Copy Data Management advances bullet-proof, consistent IOPS and latency, and the ability to scale out more performance as needed. Integrated Copy Data Management allows instant creation of high performance copies of any data set, in nearly any quantity, and is space-efficient, with full data services with no impact on SLAs. iCDM also allows for application integration and automation into rich application workflows. Additionally, iCDM affords the ability of application, database and development owners to self-serve manage the generation and provisioning of copies. By providing efficient high-performance copies, iCDM can accelerate test/dev cycles, improve productivity and reduce risk by having improved operation.

    What Is An Agile Data Center?

    An Agile Data Center is a description for the ideal data center and IT services model in which all workflows are perfectly orchestrated with instant on-demand copy services and simplified consolidated infrastructure. While data centers have benefited from mixed server workload consolidation on VMware and other virtualization technologies, almost all data centers still have storage sprawl with dedicated silos for separate workloads. Like mixed server workload consolidation on VMware, the benefits for the Agile Data Center are more than just infrastructure savings, but real workflow agility across integrated business apps, dev/test, and other integrated use cases. Scale-out All-Flash Arrays can finally enable mixed storage workload consolidation for the Agile Data Center, enabling competitive agility with benefits like real-time analytics and development, infrastructure agility with on-demand capacity/performance expansion and provisioning resulting in dramatic TCO benefits.

    What Is VDI Storage?

    VDI Storage is a technology to decouple user desktops – OS, applications, data – from underlying hardware components like laptops or PCs. Virtualized desktops are hosted on a centralized infrastructure. Users can access the same desktop with a variety of end-point devices using a remote display protocol over a network. Enterprise grade storage is critical for VDI Storage deployment success.


    What Is Database Storage?

    Database Storage requires consistent and predictable low latency to meet the SLAs and demands of the business and its mission-critical applications. Database Storage needs the ability to scale-out continuously. Copy data management capabilities can make this efficient, by provisioning and repurposing database copies on-demand with effective lifecycle automation.