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Take advantage of the power of a modern data center with the revolutionary VMAX All Flash. Discover the next dimension of Flash technology.

EMC VMAX All Flash

Explore VMAX All Flash

Get performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for all mission-critical applications with EMC VMAX All Flash. Engineered to optimize flash drive technology, VMAX All Flash is built to take on all of your modern data center challenges.

  • Consolidate open systems, IBM i, block and file data, or mainframe
  • VMAX All Flash delivers 99.9999% availability
  • Simplify planning and deployment with packaging designed for straightforward scale up and scale out flexibility

The VMAX 450F is a Tier 1 highly scalable array that solves the broadest set of modern storage challenges while offering advanced data services for peace of mind.

  • Designed for enterprise performance up to 1.5 million IOPS
  • Scales up to 2 PB effective flash capacity
  • Scales out to 4 V-Bricks
  • Highly flexible for diverse workloads and reliable performance

Scaling to more than 4 PB of all-flash storage, the VMAX 850F array excels in the most demanding, cloud-scale and modern data center environments that require hyper-consolidation.

  • Designed for ultimate performance up to 4 million IOPS, 150 GB per second
  • Scales up to 4 PB effective flash capacity
  • Scales out to 8 V-Bricks
  • Supports massive workload consolidation with incredible performance

Modern Storage Solutions with EMC VMAX All Flash

Meet the demands of today’s mission-critical workloads with the high performance and massive capacity of VMAX All Flash. With rich data services, incredible reliability, and universal support, VMAX All Flash defines the modern data center.

True Mission Critical Storage

True Mission Critical Storage

Depend on the highest levels of resiliency and availability.

Trusted Protection

Trusted Protection

Eliminate downtime with industry Leading SRDF 2, 3, 4 and metro site remote replication.

Management Automation

Management Automation

Simplify administration and lower operational costs with enterprise scale automation.

Hyper Scale and Consolidation

Scale to more than 4PB of effective capacity at a fraction of the floor space with high density flash and 4:1 storage efficiency.

Rich Enterprise Data Services

Enable world-class business continuity and disaster recovery, including copy data management and cloud tiering.

Simplified Planning and Deployment

Grow capacity and performance independently with simple V-Bricks and Flash Capacity Packs.

Diverse Workload Consolidation

Support for all primary storage workloads for mainframe, open systems, block, file, IBM i, and open systems or mainframe.

Engineered for Flash

Maximize your flash investment with greater flash durability and less than 0.5 millisecond response times.

Deep Ecosystem Integration

Take advantage of REST APIs, VMware, OpenStack, Oracle, Microsoft, and even integration with leading cloud solutions.

VMAX All Flash Architecture

At the heart of the modern data center is VMAX All Flash—with high capacity SSDs to deliver more value with an improved overall TCO that’s hard to ignore.

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Introducing VMAX All Flash

Explore EMC VMAX All Flash-scale-up and scale-out storage built for diverse workloads and mission critical applications.

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Looking for VMAX³ Arrays?

VMAX³—hybrid storage and rich data services for diverse workload consolidation and automated tiering—is still available.