Higher performance, lower costs

DSSD D5, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, delivers more bandwidth, and provides access to a larger pool of shareable and reliable flash, delivering the highest performance at a highly competitive price.

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A new class of storage for a new era

Take your infrastructure to the next level with DSSD D5.

Native and flexible data access for accelerated performance

DSSD D5 provides legacy and modern applications with multiple access modes for maximum flexibility and performance. Legacy applications can connect to DSSD D5 via our block driver—without modification. Applications can be modified to communicate through our Flood Direct Memory APIs for maximum performance. There is also an API interface plug-in for Hadoop workloads. All of these access modes can be active simultaneously across all clients to maximize performance for all of your I/O intensive workloads.

Dynamic, modular storage

All DSSD D5 data is stored in a single pool that multiple clients can access at the same time. The data can be organized modularly to fit the needs of different I/O intensive applications, providing maximum performance and efficiency without compromise.

Unparalleled reliability with multi-dimensional Cubic RAID™

DSSD Cubic RAID provides unprecedented protection against data loss. It’s always on and requires low overhead to protect against failures that would cause other systems to lose data.

Powerful performance architecture for today’s and tomorrow’s workloads

Leveraging NVMe™ technology, DSSD D5 provides ultra-fast shared storage for up to 48 client systems via PCIe Gen3 x 4, and direct storage access via the world’s largest and highest performance PCIe network. It also provides enterprise availability through dual ported client cards and H/A controllers, redundant components, and industry leading flash reliability.

Key Features

DSSD D5 features dense, shared flash, and hardware and software innovations designed for maximum performance and reliability.


Client ports are redundantly connected to up to 48 client servers via PCIe Gen 3 client cards with DSSD client cables. Each PCI Gen 3 client card:

  • Plugs into an 8-lane PCIe server slot

  • Has 2 x PCIe gen 3 X 4 lane ports

  • Creates a non-transparent bridge to DSSD D5


  • Dual, redundant I/O modules

  • A tree of PCIe switches provides connectivity to both the control and the flash modules

  • The world’s largest PCI fabric provides direct connectivity between each client and flash module


Up to 36 flash modules that provide up to 144 TB (raw) memory

  • The industry’s first dual PCI attached and hot swappable flash module

  • Up to 4 GB bandwidth for each PCI port

  • Industry leading flash reliability and durability from Cubic RAIDTM and flash physics controls


  • Dual, redundant controllers

  • Throughput and reliability maximized by managing the control plane outside of the data path

  • Operations in the I/O stack greatly reduced with DSSD’s Flood Direct Memory APIs

  • Increased data reliability with new multidimensional Cubic RAID™

Color of flash modules on front of DSSD D5 may vary from depicted image.

Moore's Law was made to be broken.

Consistent with Moore’s law, processing power has continued to grow approximately 100 fold every 10 years. Flash closes the performance gap between the CPU and magnetic storage and keeps up with CPU developments.


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