• What is Native Hybrid Cloud?

    Native Hybrid Cloud is a turnkey platform that provides the fastest path to digital transformation accelerating time to market and enhancing customer experiences. Based on best-in-class Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies, Native Hybrid Cloud combines self-service cloud-native application development with data analytics into a single hybrid cloud platform, eliminating the months it takes to build your own.

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      Innovate Faster

      Enable businesses to continuously deliver differentiated value by accelerating the development and deployment lifecycle of intelligent cloud-native applications.

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      Empower Developers

      Provides developers, data analysts and IT operators with an “it just works” user experience simplifying how applications are built, deployed, operated and managed and how data is gather, analyzed and acted upon.

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      Accelerate IT

      Native Hybrid Cloud enables IT organizations to quickly deliver a turnkey platform for the fastest path to digital transformation without the cost, time, complexity, or uncertainty of building their own platform.



    Get started with analytics on Native Hybrid Cloud.

    Analytic Insights Module offers a self-service analytics experience for transforming data into actionable insights with high business value in weeks rather than months.

  • Learn about Native Hybrid Cloud

  • How does Native Hybrid Cloud work?

    See how easy it can be to simplify cloud native application development, deployment and operations.

    • Native Hybrid Cloud Overview

      Introducing the Native Hybrid Cloud where customers can get a quick overview of trends, value and outcome it brings to the table

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    • Developer Experience

      Lets see how easy it is for the developer to deploy and manage cloud native applications through this demo.

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    • Monitoring and Reporting

      This platform gives an operator ability to do monitoring and reporting to track problems via dashboards, alerts, performance and thus enables them to resolve problems quickly

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    • Business Manager Experience

      Understand how a business manager can track resource consumption by the Enterprise and tenants within the Enterprise.

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    Get even more details at our demo site.