• Modern Data Centers Require a Modern Customer Service Experience

      Get empowered with a wide-range of customer service offerings and capabilities that are personalized, proactive, and predictive. EMC Customer Service puts you in control of your service experience.


    Your Personalized Dashboard: MyService360

    MyService360™ is a new cloud-based, service-centric dashboard, powered by the secure EMC Data Lake. It provides deep visibility into the health and wellness of your EMC environment, actionable insights, and personalized views of your global service experience.


    It’s about Big Data

    Predictive Analytics

    Powered by the secure EMC Data Lake, EMC can help prevent problems before they impact the business, improve risk-readiness, and increase reliability and greater productivity.

    It’s about Empowerment

    Advanced Proactive Services

    Choose from value added offerings and capabilities that provide deeper insights into your EMC environment through proactive recommendations to drive optimization strategies.

    It’s about Personalization

    Understanding Your Specific Requirements

    EMC believes every customer’s experience is unique. Through innovative services, tools, and technology, combined with our Big Data expertise, EMC puts you in complete control of your entire customer service experience.


    SFR: French telecom’s modern support solution

    SFR, the second largest telecommunications operator in France, ensures 99+ % cloud platform availability for its customers by utilizing EMC's services including the new MyService360.

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