Consumer Identity Protection

Online Fraud is a Global Fight

Online fraud and identity theft is a global issue affecting businesses and consumers every day. Now is the time to fight back.

Online fraud and identity theft are not going away. In fact, the number and types of threats facing businesses and consumers become more sophisticated every day. Phishing attacks are being replaced by Trojans which are far more dangerous and harder to detect. The number of data breaches where personal information has been compromised has grown exponentially. And finally, online crime is no longer just an issue affecting financial institutions; criminals and hackers are increasingly targeting new sectors such as government, healthcare, insurance, retail and education.

Reducing online fraud and identity theft requires a sustained response from many different stakeholders: government, business and industry, technology providers, law enforcement, and consumers themselves. We all need to continue staying abreast of the latest online threats and the far-reaching costs of identity fraud, understand the risks, and collaborate to fight back against online criminals.

Leading the Charge

RSA is a global leader in combating online fraud and identity fraud through participation and proactive leadership roles in many key industry-led initiatives including:

  • • The National Cyber Security Alliance (consumer and small-business awareness)
  • • The Anti-Phishing Working Group (combating Internet scams and fraud)

Additionally, we provide industry-leading authentication and anti-fraud solutions that help organizations across a number of industries mitigate the risk of online fraud and identity theft from targeting their business and their users.