Trust in the Cloud

Cloud Control and Visibility

Clouds and virtualization offer powerful new ways to manage and use digital information, but they also create new complexities for organizations in meeting the fundamental challenge of getting the right information to the right people over an infrastructure that they can trust.

Why? Because clouds and virtualization irrevocably change the nature of control and visibility. Infrastructure becomes virtual, not physical. People access infrastructure from devices that are outside of IT's direct control. Information moves with incredible speed across networks and the cloud, making it hard to know where sensitive information resides. And with an IT infrastructure that is virtual and shared via the cloud, organizations must learn new ways to achieve visibility into risks, threats, and compliance performance. The good news is forward-thinking businesses can clear these hurdles today.

The formula for building trust in the cloud is to achieve control over and visibility into the cloud’s infrastructure, identities, and information. The technologies needed to establish this level of cloud control and visibility already exist. Organizations are applying these technologies in creative ways to build trusted clouds that can meet the most rigorous security and compliance requirements while delivering the flexibility, fluidity, and massive scale that hold such business promise for organizations worldwide.