RSA Laboratories

Squealing Euros: Privacy-Protection in RFID-Enabled Banknotes

A. Juels and R. Pappu

Citation: Squealing Euros:Privacy-Protection in RFID-Enabled Banknotes. In R. Wright, ed., Financial Cryptography '03, pages 103-121. Springer-Verlag. 2003. LNCS no. 2742.

Abstract: Various media have reported plans in Europe to embed RFID tags in banknotes by 2005. In collaborative work with ThingMagic LLP, RSA Laboratories has enumerated the risks that such a plan would pose, and proposed ideas to address the attendant privacy concerns.

The proposed system is largely of academic interest, but the privacy problems may be too. More recently, RSA Laboratories scientists have come to believe that governments are unlikely to tag their banknotes with RFID in the near future.

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