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Shoehorning Security into the EPC Standard

A. Juels

Citation: D.V. Bailey and A. Juels. Shoehorning Security into the EPC Standard. 2006. In submission.

Abstract: The Class-1 Generation-2 Electronic Product Code (EPC) standard is certain to become the de facto worldwide specification for inexpensive RFID tags. This standard, however, supports only the most rudimentary of security and privacy features, and essentially none of the cryptographic techniques that underpin authentication and privacy-protection in higher-powered computational devices.

We propose ways to incorporate mainstream cryptographic functionality into the EPC standard. Our techniques circumvene the intended modes of operation of the standard, but adhere closely enough to preserve formal compliance. For this reason, we use the term shoehorning to describe our layering of new security functionality on the EPC standard.

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