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RFID Security and Privacy: A Research Survey

Ari Juels

Citation: A. Juels. RFID Security and Privacy: A Research Survey. Journal of Selected Areas in Communication (J-SAC), 24(2):381-395, February 2006.

Abstract:This article surveys recent technical research on the problems of privacy and security for RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification).

RFID tags are small, wireless devices that help identify objects and people. Thanks to dropping cost, they are likely to proliferate into the billions in the next several years -- and eventually into the trillions. RFID tags track objects in supply chains, and are working their way into the pockets, belongings and even the bodies of consumers. This survey examines approaches proposed by scientists for privacy protection and integrity assurance in RFID systems, and treats the social and technical context of their work. While geared toward the non-specialist, the survey may also serve as a reference for specialist readers.

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