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A Fuzzy Vault Scheme

Ari Juels and Madhu Sudan

Citation: A. Juels and M. Sudan, "A Fuzzy Vault Scheme". One-page abstract appeared in A. Lapidoth and E. Teletar, eds., Proceedings of IEEE Internation Symposium on Information Theory, p.408, IEEE Press, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2002.

Abstract: We describe a simple and novel cryptographic construction that we refer to as a fuzzy vault. A player Alice may place a secret value K in a fuzzy vault and ''lock'' it using a set A of elements from some public universe U. If Bob tries to ''unlock'' the vault using a set B of similar length, he obtains K only if B is close to A, i.e., only if A and B overlap substantially. In contrast to previous constructions of this flavor, ours possesses the useful feature of order invariance, meaning that the ordering of A and B is immaterial to the functioning of the vault. As we show, our scheme enjoys provable security against a computationally unbounded attacker.

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