RSA Laboratories

RSA Laboratories RFID Professional Services

With expertise in security, privacy, and anti-counterfeiting, RSA Laboratories assists in the design, planning, and assessment of RFID and wireless systems. To meet the varied needs of our customers, we evaluate countermeasures in existing deployments, offer design guidelines, and architect systems from the ground up. Through professional service engagements, we can bring you the benefits of cutting-edge expertise that has featured in media and scientific venues around the world.

This service is ideal for:

  1. Semiconductor vendors introducing higher value wireless components with security features, especially in RFID, sensing, and automation markets. These components may use standard RFID or other proprietary wireless protocols.
  2. RFID tag vendors or integrators addressing pharmaceutical, defense, payments, or other high-value tagging opportunities.
  3. Implementers of highly sensitive proprietary tagging applications, especially in pharmaceutical, payments, and defense logistics operations.
  4. Government applications including homeland security, identity, benefits transfer, vehicle and freight container tagging, logistics for disaster recovery, and payments.