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About CryptoBytes

One of the nicest features of cryptographic research is the speed with which developments occur. This is a primary reason why so many researchers find working in the field so rewarding. More often than not, however, new results or second-hand accounts of someone's valued opinion circulate for months by word of mouth or by E-mail before appearing in journals or in conference proceedings. In fact, it might be convincingly argued that a great deal of interesting information is never actually published, never cited, and never properly referred to by other researchers.

CryptoBytes was launched in the Spring of 1995 to help alleviate this situation. The aim is to circulate interesting news as it happens, thereby providing a reliable distribution method for substantial 'bites of crypto'. In addition CryptoBytes can provide a forum for results or opinions that, while of great cryptographic interest, would not appear at any of the more classical outlets because of their format.

The future success of CryptoBytes depends on input from all sectors of the cryptographic community. We encourage any readers with comments, opposite opinions, suggestions or proposals for future issues to contact the CryptoBytes editor at RSA Laboratories via our contact form.