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Find out how EMC Documentum products, solutions, and services can provide you with a unified environment to help manage unstructured information on all major platforms, systems, portals, and servers by visiting:

  • EMC Documentum CenterStage — Choose business-to-business collaboration and advanced search and discovery with mobile access.
  • EMC Documentum Family — Manage all types of enterprisewide content within a common information infrastructure.
  • EMC Documentum Records Manager — Take control of your corporate record lifecycle—creation, safeguard, access, and destruction—with a broad range of system-enforced policies for EMC records management, compliance, and records retention.
  • EMC Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) — Rapidly build and deploy case-based solutions at a lesser cost and with fewer resources.
  • EMC My Documentum Family — Work within familiar interfaces while leveraging basic content services and other enterprise content management capabilities.