Data Protection for VMAX3
EMC ProtectPoint integrates with VMAX3 to protect your mission-critical workloads and meet strict SLAs on the industry leading hybrid-flash storage array.

Data Protection for Hybrid Flash
ProtectPoint allows businesses to backup and protect mission critical data without impacting the primary storage array or application. By leveraging VMAX3 change block-tracking technology, only unique blocks are sent, but are stored as full backups on Data Domain. ProtectPoint offers 20x faster backup and 10x faster recovery, eliminates impact on the application, and reduces cost and complexity.

Eliminate Impact on Application
Unlike a traditional backup, ProtectPoint only pauses the application to mark the point in time for an application-consistent backup, after which the application can quickly return to normal. ProtectPoint provides the performance of snapshots and the functionality of backups while protecting mission-critical data on industry-leading protection storage.

Reduce Cost and Complexity
ProtectPoint eliminates the complexity of traditional backup and introduces unparalleled efficiency by minimizing infrastructure requirements. By protecting all data on a Data Domain system, ProtectPoint reduces backup storage requirements by 10 to 30 times.