Microsoft Exchange
Dell EMC ProtectPoint provides native integration with Microsoft Exchange to give app owners direct control of backup and recovery from their native utilities.

Nonintrusive Data Protection
By sending data directly from the primary to the protection storage, ProtectPoint eliminates the backup impact on Exchange servers by taking the host out of the backup path. In addition, unlike a traditional backup, ProtectPoint only pauses the application to mark the point-in-time of the backup, then it can immediately resume operations while data is sent to Data Domain.

Faster Backup and Instant Access
ProtectPoint provides up to 20x faster backup and 10x faster recovery to meet stringent mission critical application protection SLAs. By leveraging primary storage change block tracking technology, only unique blocks are sent to Data Domain. These blocks are stored as full backups, which makes database recovery faster and more efficient. In addition, with ProtectPoint, application owners can instantly access their backups for simplified, granular recovery.

Application Owner Control
ProtectPoint gives Exchange application owners direct control of backup and recovery via integration with Exchange PowerShell. This eliminates traditional backup application and empowers app owners to meet SLAs for their mission-critical data without relying on the backup team.