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EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor

EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor extends the capabilities of EMC SourceOne email archiving solutions, allowing for easy monitoring of inbound and outbound email for compliance with corporate policies, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulations, and governance mandates. EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor reduces liability risks including disclosure of intellectual property, lack of discretion, or unsatisfactory customer service interactions.

EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor provides a cost-effective way to monitor email usage as email is moved into the archiving environment—at a price point that makes the return on investment worthwhile.

EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor delivers:

Features Benefits
Increased productivity Efficiently monitor and review messages sent or received by identified users
Evidence of review Comprehensively report on messages to ensure the appropriate number are reviewed
Minimal review costs Use flexible sampling methods such as unique lexicon terms and random sampling
Protection of company assets Review messages of identified users to reduce corporate liability from disclosure of intellectual property
Compliance with regulatory obligations Monitor correspondence, show adherence to codes of conduct, track supervisory activity, and enable evaluation


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