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EMC SourceOne Archiving EMC SourceOne Discovery Manager Email and information archiving for storage and eDiscovery

EMC SourceOne Discovery Manager

EMC SourceOne Discovery Manager enables discovery and secure legal hold of archived content in response to legal and regulatory notices and corporate policy complaints. With Discovery Manager, users can quickly find, review, and produce archived information relevant to an inquiry.

Discovery Manager is built around a legal “matter” or case metaphor. It supports secure, authorized investigator access, defensible collection results, and chain of custody of content archived in EMC SourceOne and EMC EmailXtender archives.

Discovery Manager supports the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) XML export standard for easy data transfer to final e-discovery production applications.

EMC SourceOne Discovery Manager delivers:

Features Benefits
Secure-matter lifecycle management Manage active and closed matters and designate authorized users and roles throughout the discovery process
Simple, wizard-driven interaction Improve investigator productivity, effectively search large email volumes, and securely hold email content
High-volume search and collection Reduce the time and effort to find relevant email by searching EMC SourceOne archives and metadata attributes
Secure legal hold Prevent spoliation and restrict permissions to matters with predefined user roles
Customizable tags Apply tags to easily filter or narrow large volumes of collected content
Flexible export options Export relevant email for external review and filter export on the basis of applied tags
EDRM XML export standard support Support downstream e-discovery processing and production according to the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)
Web User Interface Allows customers instant access to archived data through one centrally managed console from any common Internet browsers


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