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Dell EMC Data Domain Boost for Veeam enables advanced integration between Dell EMC Data Domain systems and Veeam for faster, more efficient backup and recovery.

Faster, More Efficient Backup And Recovery
DD Boost for Veeam enables backup administrators to back up directly to a Data Domain system. Data Domain Boost distributes parts of the deduplicaiton process to the Veeam client enabling client-side deduplication so only unique data is sent to the Data Domain system. This enables faster, more efficient protection of virtual machines (VMs) with up to 50% faster backup performance, 10x faster synthetic full backup file creation and transformation for even shorter backup windows, and Fibre Channel connectivity enabling LAN-free backup to Data Domain.

Advanced Load Balancing and Failover
DD Boost aggregates network links on the Data Domain system into a single group so multiple links appear as one to the backup server or Veeam client. The Data Domain system then transparently balances the backup load between links in the group. In addition, the automatic link failover mechanism keeps backup systems operational in case of temporary network glitches.