EMC Centera: Content-Addressable Storage for Data Archiving
EMC Centera: Content-Addressable Storage for Data Archiving EMC Centera Virtual Archive Simple, affordable, secure data archiving

EMC Centera Virtual Archive

Virtualize multiple clusters to present the archive as a single EMC Centera cluster with EMC Centera Virtual Archive, enabling you to:

  • Extend information policy management capabilities across an enterprisewide archive
  • Drive down overall storage costs by leveraging a Centera archive for secure, authenticated information
  • Get seamless, scalable access to your data archive including email, electronic documents and images, and call center records
  • Enable applications to cost-effectively interact with an ever-expanding virtual archive and simplify the management of massive amounts of information

Virtual Archive features include:

  • Multipetabyte capacity – Scale easily up to four clusters to meet expanding growth requirements
  • Multiple cluster federation – Add capacity without service disruption
  • Federation managed as one archive – Gain management efficiencies
  • Application interaction with single virtual archive – Deliver seamless access to information
  • Multidata center support – Overcome space, distance, and technology limitations

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