EMC Centera: Content-Addressable Storage for Data Archiving
EMC Centera: Content-Addressable Storage for Data Archiving EMC Centera Universal Access Simple, affordable, secure data archiving

EMC Centera Universal Access


Gain the ability to have custom applications and independent software vendors (ISVs) work with EMC Centera Universal Access without having to modify existing application environments, enabling you to:

  • Allow your Linux, UNIX, or Microsoft Windows applications to store and retrieve content from Centera
  • Use for a wide range of object sizes and workloads including medical image archiving and document management
  • Host it on an external server or on a node inside the Centera cabinet 

Universal Access features include: 

  • Standard protocol support – Store, retrieve, delete, and retain files from a wide range of enterprise applications 
  • Scalable caching file system – Support up to 200 million files
  • Custom metadata functionality – Enhance the value of your archived content for indexing and searching
  • Retention period support – Implement retention policies to assure content availability and authenticity
  • Enhanced availability setting – Maximize the availability of EMC Centera-resident data