Tools and technologies that power your support experience

Advanced tools and empowering capabilities enable you to quickly and easily manage and optimize your support experience. Through our agile services model, Dell EMC is committed to delivering the highest quality of service in the ways that work best for you, as defined by you.

Dell EMC Online Support offers a streamlined service experience that is fast, personal, and social—empowering you to quickly and proactively resolve technical questions and manage and optimize your legacy EMC environment.

Get connected

SupportAssist and Secure Remote Services (ESRS)

Avoid issues and get faster resolution with automated proactive and predictive support. Leave manual routines behind with remote monitoring, automated issue detection and case creation, and remote resolution

Get insight


Gain insight, take action and save time managing your support experience and improving the health of your global environment with personalized, data-driven dashboards.


Boost productivity with this flexible, time-saving portal that streamlines support and makes it easy to manage technology, train staff and support your teams.

(Note: MyService360 and ESRS are available for legacy EMC-warranted products. SupportAssist and TechDirect are available for legacy Dell-warranted products.)

Serviceability Built into Products

Leverage innovative tools and capabilities embedded within many Dell EMC products to maintain the highest levels of availability and achieve your business objectives. For example, the Dell EMC Unisphere operating environment is integrated in to legacy EMC's storage and support ecosystem—with direct access to support tools such as technical documentation, downloads, ordering spare parts, opening service requests, and more.

High Availability with Proactive Services

Benefit from secure, high-speed, 24x7 predictive monitoring and remote repair for your Dell EMC information infrastructure. Secure Remote Services (ESRS) enables Dell EMC Support to identify and proactively resolve potential issues before they can impact your business.

Global Collaboration through Multiple Channels

Get fast, easy, secure mobile access to view and track your service requests via the Dell EMC MOBILE App; and connect and share technical knowledge with the global Dell EMC network through the Dell EMC Support Community and social media, Dell EMC MOBILE App available for legacy EMC products.


ProSupport Enterprise Suite

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