Workplace Health & Safety

EMC ensures our worldwide facilities provide safe and healthy work environments for our employees and visitors. Our occupational health and safety programs are audited regularly to look for opportunities to improve our performance by engaging our employees and redefining our approach.

Health & Safety Management & Training

EMC has developed extensive health and safety procedures that are regularly updated to comply with governmental regulations, standards and best business practices. Job safety analyses, risk assessments and comprehensive training support drive our policies and procedures. We conduct audits and inspections to ensure the effectiveness of these policies and procedures, and engage our employees to continuously improve our programs.

Our manufacturing facilities, located in the U.S. and Ireland, are certified to OHSAS 18001, the global standard for Health & Safety program excellence. As of 2015, our OHSAS 18001 facilities certification statuses are as follows:

  • Manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland, certified since 2005
  • Manufacturing facility in Franklin, Massachusetts, certified since 2009
  • Shipping and warehouse facility in Franklin, Massachusetts, certified since 2011
  • Manufacturing facility in Apex, North Carolina, certified since 2010

Employees take health and safety training relevant to their work through online and instructor-led courses. In 2015, we offered 24 computer-based training modules and conducted regular in-house training. Training was updated throughout the year based on regulation and process changes. Employee-led Safety Action Teams meet regularly to review safety issues, perform audits, and organize training programs.

*Ireland COE includes the only EMC-owned, non-U.S. manufacturing facility and the majority of EMC-owned buildings in Ireland

Health & Safety Violations

In 2015, we received administrative notices of non-compliance for one of our buildings in Santa Clara, California and our office in Santiago, Chile.  We have remedied the minor findings in Santa Clara, and have put processes in place to address the minor findings in Santiago.

Pandemic Preparedness

EMC recognizes communicable illnesses and diseases may pose a potential threat to the health of our employees, our business operations, and our global customers. EMC has established a Global Contagious Illness Preparedness Plan team composed of representatives from business units across the EMC Federation. This team monitors and plans for emerging threats of pandemic and disease outbreaks that have the potential to impact our employees or disrupt our operations. The team is globally dispersed, with coordinated planning/response activities to ensure that a regional/local response is available in the event of any incident. Should there be a large-scale outbreak of an infectious illness or disease, EMC’s virtual private network (VPN) allows a majority of employees to remain in communication and to work remotely as needed in order to contain its spread.

During 2014, EMC established a Contagious Illness Working Committee in response to the devastating outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Contagious Illness Working Committee developed response protocols and travel requirements in order to mitigate the risk of exposure our employees, partners, and customers to the EVD. In 2015, the Committee utilized the protocols developed in response to the EVD to update EMC’s Global Contagious Illness Preparedness Plan (GCIPP). The GCIPP is now being used in select EMC facilities’ annual incident management plan drills, and will be periodically reviewed and updated as needed.

To learn more about how EMC plans for supply chain resiliency, visit Supply Chain.


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