Global Inclusion

At EMC, we view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. We strive to cultivate an inclusive culture that is reflective of the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of the communities in which we live and work. This not only leads to more creative ideas and fuels our innovative spirit, but also helps develop, retain and energize the talent that drives our company forward.

Diversity and inclusion touch every part of our business and come to life through a variety of initiatives. This includes their role in innovation, leadership and career development, and engagement with the communities we serve through internal and external initiatives, all of which make our company stronger.

When thinking about diversity, we consider the way we recognize and appreciate human differences including ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

When thinking about inclusion, we consider how we value, respect and support differences, as well as creating a workplace environment where differences are embraced and each person can achieve his or her full potential.

Our Approach
We are committed to creating a workplace that is representative of our customers and our communities, that allows each and every employee to reach his or her full potential, and that inspires the creativity and excitement that will drive EMC’s success.  While we are making progress, we can do better as a company and as an industry.

We take a multi-faceted approach to addressing the challenges of inadequate pipelines of skilled talent, shifting demographics, and the speed of change in the marketplace. With the active support and engagement of our senior management team, our strategy is to:

  • Change behavior through training and self-awareness. Our training focuses on three critical aspects of behavior: implicit bias, micro-inequities and cultural competence.
  • Through our diverse employee circles, build strong communities of employees with like interests to network with one another and with other circles, to provide leadership from within the organization, and to inspire their colleagues with social, educational and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Bolster the talent pipeline, particularly for under-represented groups, through our many STEM education programs, our relationships with academic organizations, our memberships in programs such as Society for Women Engineers and Human Rights Campaign, and our engagement with students and teachers in communities where we conduct business.
  • Focus on leadership development and retention through initiatives such as the FastLane program for high-performing women (described below), as well as expanded mentoring and sponsorship programs.
  • Hold ourselves accountable by being vigilant in tracking and analyzing our ability to attract, engage and retain a diverse population of talent; ensuring active participation by senior leadership; refining our recruiting efforts to diversify our slates of candidates; and incorporating diversity into our performance appraisal process.

During 2015, the technology industry continued its open conversation about diversity and inclusion, with dialogue and action focused on the goal of increasing the number of diverse professionals, and on increasing the pipeline of diverse graduates with STEM education. EMC has been focused on both of these topics for many years, and we are taking action inside the company as well as in the communities where we live and work. To learn more about EMC’s STEM education programs, visit Education Partnerships

Programs and Recognition
We are fortunate to have many global and award-winning programs that support diversity and inclusion, and are ready to accelerate their momentum and reach. Highlights of some of our programs and recognition in 2015 include: 

  • Named as one of 25 Noteworthy Companies for Diversity by Diversity Inc.
  • A perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (for the fifth consecutive year)
  • Girls Inc. Award for Best Workplace Partner
  • Urban League Corporate Partner Award
  • Disability Matters Champions and Employer-of-Choice Awards
  • Disability Matters Workplace Award – EMC India
  • Best for Vets: A Top Employer for Veterans
  • Careers & The DisABLED magazine’s Top 50 Employers Award
  • World HR Congress Award for Excellence in Diversity Impact – India
  • Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity Award-India
  • Top supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) / Engineering Schools by U.S. Black Engineer & Information Technology Magazine
  • Global training on implicit bias
  • Global training on empowering EMC through diversity and inclusion
  • Global training on multigenerational diversity
  • Annual speed coaching career development program sponsored by employee affinity groups
  • Dedicated leadership development programs for high potential women
  • Host of regional women’s leadership conferences in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions
  • Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights & Economic Justice
  • Signing ceremony for U.S. employers in support of the Guard & Reserve
  • Healthcare benefits directed to the needs of our transgender employees
  • Summer intern program for HBCU students

Our programs and recognition affirm that we have a sustained and evolving inclusive culture, and that the success and impact of our diversity and inclusion philosophy is a strong foundation on which to build as we continue on our journey.

Workforce Statistics
As of January 9, 2016, women represent 22.8percent of our workforce globally.  In the U.S., 23.3 percent of our employees are women, 16.8 percent are Asian, 3.9 percent are Black, and 3.9 percent are Hispanic.

Diversity and Inclusion training at EMC includes extensive leader-led courses as well as on-line training for employees at all levels of the organization. For example, in 2015, we introduced “Mind the Gap:  Getting Business Results in Multigenerational Organizations,” an eLearning module that teaches employees to recognize the behaviors, values and practices associated with a multigenerational workforce and identify critical gaps that may hamper productivity and the achievement of business goals.

In December 2015, we piloted a two-hour training program entitled “Cultural Competency” at EMC’s Santa Clara, California campus. Cultural competence is often defined as the ability to understand how to conduct business with people, organizations and teams that are unlike ourselves. This training focuses on developing each participant’s cultural competency levels through a baseline assessment, a 30-minute feedback coaching session, and a two-hour learning module. We have collected feedback from pilot participants and will begin offering virtual training sessions in 2016.

Our diversity training portfolio also includes dedicated courses for managers, particularly with regard to implicit bias.  Implicit bias is defined as the process by which the brain uses “mental associations” that are so well-established as to operate without awareness, without intention, or without control.  All people have implicit biases, but at EMC, we believe it is important to recognize this trait and its impact on the workplace, especially for managers and supervisors.  Given the demographics of our rapidly changing world, the more conscious we are of implicit bias, the more effective we will be in fulfilling our organizational mission, and doing it fairly and equitably.  EMC’s approach to minimizing implicit bias is to deliver a training program that will raise consciousness enterprise-wide among all managers. This training also offers participants tools and activities to reference in their daily work. In 2015, nearly 1,000 managers attended sessions on Implicit Bias.

Affinity Groups
Our Affinity Groups, which we also refer to as “Employee Circles”, are self-governing networks of employees with common interests. They help their members develop personally and professionally through peer mentoring, coaching, and networking, and work across the company to lead changes in behavior and perception. Certain Employee Circles have also taken on added responsibilities to recruit, engage and promote STEM talent.

EMC Employee Circles are initiated by employees, and each has an executive sponsor committed to ensuring that they have a voice within the company and support from senior management. Many of these groups have created multiple chapters around the world, to enable a regional focus and better engage employees locally.

EMC has 12 affinity groups and a total of 34 separate Employee Circle chapters. The following is our roster of Employee Circles:

  • Asian Circle
  • Black Employees Affinity Group
  • Caregivers Awareness and Resources for Employees
  • Diversify, Expand, Meet and Connect
  • Disability Employee Resource Group
  • EMC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Advocates
  • EMC Latino Leadership Interest Team
  • Faith-Based Circle
  • Indian Subcontinent Employee Circle
  • Multigenerational Employee Circle
  • Veterans and Their Supporters
  • Women’s Leadership Forum

Each year, members of the Employee Circles are honored for exceptional contributions to advancing diversity at EMC. The dedication and involvement of individual members have made the Employee Circles a vibrant part of EMC’s culture.

Other Highlights from 2015

Diverse Student Recruiting Remains Strong

We recognize the benefits of attracting talented people who reflect the diversity of our global communities. In 2015, we cooperated with nine Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States, up from seven in 2014, to offer their students programming and mentoring as part of our increased outreach efforts. As a result of these efforts, forty-eight students participated in the internship program with 60 percent of eligible college seniors accepting positions as full time employees.

Strides in Global Female Hires

EMC has made a systematic investment in training, sourcing strategies and searching techniques to enhance our recruiters’ abilities to identify diversity candidates and reduce any implicit bias in our recruiting practices. Through this process of education, tools and applied practices, we have seen an increase in diversity hires of 7.1 percent since 2012. 

New Parental Leave Benefit

In January 2015, we announced a new Parental Leave benefit for our U.S. employees, retroactive to 2014. This benefit for both mothers and fathers supports the many definitions of family at EMC. It is designed to assist parents and encourage bonding time with a new child by providing up to four weeks of paid leave within the first year following a birth or adoption. This is in addition to any paid leave already provided by EMC and enhances our current offerings covering maternity leave and adoption assistance.

FastLane Accelerates Careers of Women at EMC

In 2015, EMC’s FastLane program continued in its eighth year to select a global class of 30 high-performing women for a three-day residency program designed to share experiences and hone important skills needed to take on challenging leadership positions. These women joined a strong alumnae network, becoming peer mentors for each other as well as for other women across the organization. Retention of FastLane graduates tops 90 percent.

Co-Chair of Massachusetts Conference for Women

EMC co-chaired the state’s renowned women’s conference for more than 10,000 attendees in 2015. The annual event, started in 2005, offers dozens of speakers, workshops and seminars on the issues that matter most to women such as personal finance, business and entrepreneurship, and health. EMC, in its fourth year as a major sponsor, was represented by over 900 women at the event.

EMC India COE honored with Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity Award

In December 2015, EMC India COE was honored with the Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity Award for the organization’s commitment to improving employment opportunities for the differently-abled.  Among other initiatives, the organization was awarded for its “Redefine Abilities” Internship program for persons with profound disabilities.

Stakeholder Inquiries
We continue to receive inquiries from our customers and partners regarding our Diversity and Inclusion journey.  They recognize our strategy and resulting programs and initiatives to be best practice and ones that can have tremendous impact in winning the competition for talent as well as having a positive impact on employee engagement and retention.  Customers want to see themselves reflected in EMC’s business. We speak with these customers about the evolution of our programs, the issues we are addressing, and our efforts to be inclusive. Our program strategy sets the bar for driving the diversity and inclusion journey and is emulated by customers and partners as they establish and grow their own strategies.

Moving Forward
While we continue to accelerate our internal and external programs, EMC is also working to understand how demographic shifts in the world and changes in our own workforce can affect our ability to achieve our company’s and industry’s goals. By analyzing data from internal and external sources, we are developing greater insights into the investments that will best enable us to realize our vision.

In 2015, EMC established a new Executive Diversity Council under Executive Chair David Goulden, EMC II CEO, and Chair Bill Scannell, President of Global Sales and Operations. Working with outside consultants and EMC leaders from across the functional and geographic spectrum, the Council established work streams to tackle opportunities for improvement in recruitment and hiring; training and development; advancement opportunities; vision, leadership and accountability; compensation; and fostering a climate of inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion are basic, essential and important parts of what makes EMC a great place to work. They help us to recognize the strengths of each individual; to identify and remove hidden barriers to collaboration; and to cultivate creativity. EMC remains committed to a diverse and inclusive environment which we believe is foundational to driving innovation, and to attracting and retaining top talent globally.

To learn more about EMC’s diversity initiatives, visit Diversity & Inclusion.