As a large global company with a multi-generational workforce, we recognize the importance of workplace culture in our employees’ lives and in their personal commitment to the company’s well-being.  We strive for an environment and workplace that encourages every EMC employee to be their best each day. 

Great workplaces operate from a foundation of trust.  Gathering feedback across the five pillars of respect, credibility, fairness, pride and camaraderie has proven vital in EMC’s ongoing journey. In 2015, we focused our efforts around the core themes of connecting, communicating and giving back.  We once again utilized our MyVoice Survey results as a platform to drive change and evolve our culture.

In 2015, EMC was again recognized by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Institute, this time as the #6 global GPTW and a top 25 global GPTW.  We want to thank the more than 45,000 EMC employees who contributed to the 2015 MyVoice Survey, the primary source of input to this rating.

Voice of Our Employees
First introduced in 2013, EMC’s global MyVoice Survey is our primary way of understanding how employees think about EMC. The survey has proven to be an exceptional tool to help our leaders around the globe drive engagement with their local teams.  It has been the catalyst of big changes within the company as well as inspiration to achieve even greater things in coming years.

We continue to survey our workforce on a regular basis to ensure that we maintain an accurate pulse on the culture and the increasing satisfaction of EMC employees around the world.

Spark the Conversation

The MyVoice Survey asks our employees if they have had meaningful conversations with their managers regularly. A key priority of 2015 was to encourage more frequent conversations to discuss professional goals, career development and job performance. To facilitate greater conversation, we shared tools for managers and employees to define and assess their individual strengths and learn more about the interaction of individual styles and approaches at work. This “StandOut” assessment was introduced to all of EMC’s senior leaders at the company’s leadership meeting in January 2015.

Show We Care

Highlighting that EMC cares continues to be a crucial component in retaining and attracting talent as well as creating a collaborative workforce of people who feel valued.  From taking the time to contribute to our communities to using equipment and resources more sustainably, our goal is to fuel a culture where people care about their work, appreciate how it impacts others, and understand how it impacts the world. For more information, visit Communities.

Share our Vision and Purpose

EMC is not just a company that builds and provides storage equipment and solutions. We help cities in the developing world run more efficiently. We help researchers develop cures for diseases and doctors diagnose more quickly. We help secure financial transactions online for millions of people each day. EMC’s higher purpose touches on far more than providing technology, due solely to the hard work of our employees. In 2015, we galvanized a broader conversation amongst leaders and individual contributors alike to capture their perceptions of what it really means to work at EMC, which were shared with our colleagues globally in on-line videos, blogs and conversations.

Our MyVoice Survey showed that we’re doing a lot of things right. We will continue to build on the high levels of trust between leaders and employees, knowing that a strong and listening culture is so important during times of change.

EMC Recognized As Great Place To Work

Engaging Employees in Sustainability Initiatives at EMC
Employee engagement may be the most important factor in driving sustainability at all levels of EMC. Engaged employees are much more involved in their work, are more likely to innovate to make EMC a better environmental steward and contributor to society, and are more satisfied, productive and loyal. By engaging employees, we are able to advance our sustainability practices and establish those behaviors as the company’s norm. 

The Office of Sustainability (OOS) has primary responsibility for focusing on global activities related to sustainability employee engagement. The OOS works closely with Human Resources and other partners when developing programs and planning the expansion of sustainability activities within the employee community. The OOS also provides guidance and encourages collaboration between teams that execute regionally. For example, we sponsor a quarterly Centers of Excellence (COE) Sustainability Summit to facilitate the sharing of sustainability best practices and collaboration among our global Centers of Excellence.

Engaged employees have a shared awareness of EMC’s commitment to sustainability.  When prompted with the statement, “EMC demonstrates a commitment to environmental and social responsibility” on this year’s MyVoice Survey, GPTW analysis showed that 88 percent of employees rated this statement positively.  While this response shows a slight, though not statistically significant, decline year over year, we are still pleased with the result. In 2016, we hope to raise awareness through a number of activities, including an expansion of the global Sustainability Ambassadors program launched in 2015. 

We engage employees in sustainability initiatives throughout the year in several ways. Following are some of the most notable initiatives of 2015:

  • EMC’s annual Innovation Roadmap encourages and recognizes the power of employee innovation to shape the future. Since launching the program in 2009, we have identified and implemented employee ideas focused on data center energy consumption, monitoring enterprise information technology’s (IT’s) carbon footprint, and sustainable packaging practices.  In 2015, the OOS continued our support of innovation at EMC through sponsorship of the Environmental Stewardship challenge, which asked for creative solutions to radically increase the energy efficiency of an EMC product or technology.  The winner of the challenge, “Efficiently Redistributing Data for Optimal Power Consumption,” was created by Ahmed Tarek, Mina Naguib and Ragy Iskandar, a team from EMC’s Cairo COE. To learn more about the Innovation Roadmap, visit Culture of Innovation.
  • EMC facilities across the world host annual family days and activities to celebrate and educate employees about environmental stewardship on Earth Day and World Environment Day. In 2015, several locations held events, including Hopkinton and Franklin, Massachusetts; Shanghai, China; Cork, Ireland; Cairo, Egypt; and Bangalore, India. In Franklin, employees were invited to bring their electronic household items (computers, TV’s, small appliances, printers) for proper and safe disposal through our electronic recycling partners.

  • We expanded sustainability-related benefits, including the addition of new home solar providers.
  • EMC’s sustainability priorities are highlighted through projects in our social sustainability platform, Sustineo.  Employees can learn about our priorities, why these topics are important to EMC, and what steps they can take in their own lives both at work and at home.  In 2015, we added 32 new projects to the platform, including several for Earth Day, Earth Hour and Earth Month; one for America Recycles Day; one for Breast Cancer Awareness; and one for encouraging the expression of gratitude.
  • In 2015, we expanded the content offerings in the “Sustainability at EMC” on-line community in EMC’s internal social networking portal Inside EMC.  For example, we featured the progress of COP21 talks in Paris and highlighted the ways in which EMC was engaging in the climate conversation.

Community Involvement
EMC and our employees play an active role in the communities in which we operate around the world. By supporting education, health, human services, arts programs and disaster relief efforts, we strengthen society and shape a better future for local communities.  EMC’s efforts are helping employees expand their skills and build on their understanding of the importance of our communities to EMC’s business.

We encourage employees to give to the causes they believe in and engage with the communities where they work and live. We continue to receive positive feedback from our employees about EMC Gives Back, a program providing employees an opportunity to be more engaged in EMC’s philanthropic efforts and drawing the EMC community closer together. As part of the EMC Gives Back program, employees receive 24 paid hours annually to participate in volunteer activities during the work day.  To learn more, visit Community Involvement.

Awards and Recognition
We foster our culture by rewarding and recognizing employees for their hard work. This includes rewarding innovative ideas through our annual Innovation Roadmap competition, driving the importance of customer service with our annual Total Customer Experience Excellence Awards, and celebrating employees who give back to communities outside of causes we support at the corporate level with our annual Community Service Awards.

To learn more about these programs, visit Culture of Innovation, Customer Experience and Community Involvement