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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Principles

Being a good corporate citizen is about more than EMC’s own operations. It is also about understanding the balance of the global ecosystem of social, environmental, and economic issues, and our role in managing the dynamic changes and demands facing our business, industry and society today.

EMC works directly with suppliers in more than 20 countries. We indirectly rely on many more. Given the complexity of supply chains and supplier relationships, we have different degrees of control and influence on these suppliers. However, we believe we must continually engage with our suppliers to develop a shared mindset and drive positive change throughout our supply chain.

Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility

We believe it is critical that conditions in our global supply chain be fair and legal, and that they protect human health and the environment. We do this through our Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) program.

The SER program is underpinned by our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets a minimum standard of expectations for our suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct includes the industry-standard EICC Code of Conduct and supplemental guidance from EMC. We monitor our suppliers’ conformance to the Supplier Code of Conduct through Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) and third-party audits. In addition, we ask our suppliers to report on their greenhouse gas emissions and water management practices. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding slavery and human trafficking, and are actively engaged in work to trace the source of tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold (sometimes referred to collectively as “conflict minerals”) used in our products. Assessing social and environmental risk is also a key component of EMC’s Supply Chain Business Continuity Planning (BCP) program.

Recognizing that monitoring and reporting alone are often not enough to drive change, we are increasingly emphasizing communication and education, and embedding SER throughout our business relationships with our suppliers. Advancing SER requires collaboration with suppliers on creative and innovative solutions that take into consideration the constraints and complexities they may face operating in various regions and business cultures worldwide.

To learn more, visit Supply Chain Engagement, Supply Chain Environmental Impacts, Supply Chain Business Continuity and Ethics.

Addressing environmental impacts of our products

We also expect suppliers to be partners in our work to reduce the environmental impact of our products. EMC Supply Chain Engineers work directly with suppliers to develop and test alternatives to substances in our products that may pose risks to environmental and human health. To keep potentially harmful substances out of the ecosystem, we work closely with our Information Technology Asset Disposal vendors to advance responsible recycling and disposal. Our goal is to maintain the high performance of our products and continually reduce negative environmental impacts throughout the product value cycle. To learn more, visit Product Material Content and Product End-of-Life.

In all that we do, we leverage what we learn and work closely with suppliers and industry peers to promote solutions that will benefit not only our own supply chain, but that of our entire industry.

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