Environmental Strategy

EMC’s environmental strategy guides our approach to business and day-to-day operations on a global scale. Through the Office of Sustainability and commitments from partners throughout the company, we manage our environmental impacts and provide the unified direction and purpose for our efforts based on the areas of greatest potential impact. These include:

  • Energy and climate change
  • Material use and waste
  • Collaboration and engagement with external groups

Defining Environmental Sustainability at EMC

Environmental sustainability is defined by those we serve: our employees and their families, customers, suppliers, investors and the greater global community. By conducting and transforming the company in a purposeful manner, we can serve these groups by:

  • Conserving and enriching the environment in which we live and work
  • Creating value in the adaptations that are required to thrive into the future
  • Mitigating the risks from changes in the planet that we cannot influence

Governance and Sustainability Oversight

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (the “Governance Committee”) of EMC’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing our sustainability program. The Governance Committee meets with the Chief Sustainability Officer throughout the year to provide board-level oversight. Our operating model can be seen here.

Environmental Management System

Our environmental management system covers waste reduction, conservation of energy and materials, and overall environmental impact – using the same policies and procedures at all company operated facilities worldwide. This has allowed us to certify all our global manufacturing sites with ISO 14001 and limit noncompliance. We did not incur fines or nonmonetary sanctions for noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations in 2011.



EMC’s Environmental Policy


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