Material & Resource Use


At EMC, we know that our operations and facilities can impact biodiversity. As part of our commitment to the environment, we take a forward-thinking approach by engaging with third-party organizations and undertaking activities that enhance and protect biodiversity.

Our Massachusetts corporate headquarters does not sit in any “Areas of Critical Environmental Concern” (ACEC) as designated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Our North Carolina facilities also do not sit adjacent to any areas designated as “Protected Lands” or “Biodiversity Protected Lands” by the State of North Carolina. Beyond the effects of our office buildings, our operations do not have any significant direct impacts on biodiversity.


Our Apex manufacturing facility is recognized by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a North Carolina Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Environmental Steward. Through this initiative, we work with ESI on reducing our environmental impacts beyond regulatory requirements, including a commitment to environmental protection by finding effective ways to act as stewards of our natural resources.


Our Apex manufacturing facility is recognized as a Wildlife And Industry Together (WAIT) site by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation. The WAIT designation is a workplace stewardship program which manages portions of a commercial property for wildlife and provides environmental education opportunities for employees and the local community. Implemented with assistance from management and employees, including the North Carolina Veterans Employee Circle, we assist the North Carolina Wildlife Federation with statewide conservation efforts, habitat protection, and the connection of people to nature.