Community Involvement

EMC and our employees play an active role in the communities in which we operate around the world. In addition to having no significant negative impacts on any local communities in which we operate, we participate in many opportunities that foster positive change. By supporting health, human services, arts programs and disaster relief efforts for example, we are strengthening society and helping shape the future of our local communities. At the same time, EMC’s efforts are helping employees expand their skills and build on their understanding of the importance of our communities to EMC’s business.  In 2015, EMC reached more than 3,175,000 beneficiaries and logged more than 80,000 volunteer hours.

Community Partnerships
EMC’s primary corporate giving and volunteer efforts are focused on supporting programs that provide access to education for people around the globe. We also recognize our responsibility to invest in other ways in the communities in which we live and work.

We encourage employees to organize volunteer activities. From volunteering at food banks across the U.S. to teaching young students about the importance of education in Colombia and Ireland, EMC employees participated in a wide range of service projects throughout 2015. Our dedicated Community Involvement team provides guidance and resources to support these efforts, including promoting activities internally, matching volunteers and initiatives based on skills, and recognizing employees through the Community Service Awards.

Wrap for Warmth
EMC’s Wrap for Warmth program, an annual APJ Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, addresses the global issue of exposure to cold temperatures. Throughout APJ, volunteers work together to produce warm wraps for people in countries where extreme cold could lead to hypothermia. EMC staff, family and friends are encouraged to join together to knit and crochet squares within the program’s six week span. The squares are then turned into wraps and sent to Wrap with Love, an Australian Charity that distributes the wraps to global aid organizations. In 2015, more than 200 volunteers at EMC made approximately 1,600 squares and delivered 59 wraps.

Caption: In EMC Japan, more than 20 employee volunteers knitted five wraps.

Caption: A group of employee volunteers from the India COE contributed to the 2015 Wrap for Warmth drive, coming together regularly to create the hand-knit wraps.

EMC Argentina’s Initiative to Support At-Risk Youth
EMC employees in Argentina are involved in various programs to support their communities, focusing especially on at-risk youth.

In 2015, employees supported the annual Children’s Day program. In advance of the event, EMC volunteers collected much-needed items, including toys for the children, and clothing and shoes for children and adults. On Children’s Day, EMC volunteers visited the Asociación Civil Familias en Riesgo (Civil Association for Families at Risk) in Buenos Aires to deliver the donated items and spend time with the children. The volunteers spent the afternoon with the children, treating them to a fun-filled day that included a bouncy castle, clowns, games and sweet treats.

Caption: EMC volunteers meet with children on Children’s Day in Argentina.

EMC China Raising Awareness about Renewable Energy
In China, fog and haze caused by air-borne pollutants is a large and growing problem. According to Greenpeace East Asia, “Smog hangs heavy over Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, where children grow up with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. This means higher health risks to the cardiovascular system, cerebrovascular system and an increase in the probability of cancer and premature death.”

In acknowledgment of this serious issue, EMC China marked 2015 Earth Hour by raising awareness of how conserving energy and the greater use of renewable sources can reduce pollution. Staff at all four EMC offices—Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou — turned off lights during the designated hour, and hundreds of employees turned off lights at home to make an even greater statement about the need to conserve energy. EMC China also invited employees’ children to draw pictures about the need for environmental protection. The colorful reflections of the young people’s commitment to energy conservation were exhibited in EMC offices for two weeks along with posters promoting use of renewable energy sources.

Caption: EMC China’s offices displayed Earth Hour artwork by employees’ children

Global Impact Corps
The Global Impact Corps is a skill-based volunteer program designed to enable EMC employees to leverage their professional skills and expertise to build capacity in NGOs around the world.  This program was developed through a partnership between Corporate Community Involvement and the Global Talent Organization under advisement from the Taproot Foundation, and is intended both to provide professional development opportunities to nominated EMC employees and a service to NGOs globally.

The Global Impact Corps launched in 2014 through a pilot project with Building Tomorrow to address a supply chain problem, and with Rumie to address a production and distribution problem. In 2015, six months after our pilot projects were completed, we reached back out to Building Tomorrow and Rumie to better understand how the program had impacted their organizations.

The key findings were:

For more information on these projects, please see EMC’s 2014 Communities report.

EMC Gives Back
EMC Gives Back provides employees an opportunity to be more engaged in EMC’s philanthropic efforts and draws the EMC community closer together. This program has three pillars: Time, Commitment and Focus. 

  • Time: Employees receive 24 paid hours annually to participate in volunteer activities during the work day. 
  • Commitment:  Our service anniversary recognition program awards employees GlobalGiving vouchers on the annual anniversary of their date of hire.  The vouchers may then be directed to one of thousands of charitable efforts in countries around the world.
  • Focus:  Biannual giving campaigns have been established that address two basic and universal human needs around the world each year.  In 2015, our focus areas continued to be clean water and food. The campaigns provided the necessary infrastructure to rally the entire global EMC organization around each cause, building awareness, and providing additional support to the communities where we work and live.

In 2015, our second year of this program, employees logged more than 65,000 hours of service during working hours. Here are a few of the many wonderful examples of how EMC employees gave back to their communities with their 24 volunteer hours.

  • EMC volunteers in Austria prepared and served lunch to nearly 200 people at the Kochen in der Gruft, a shelter in Vienna offering a safe haven, hot meals, showers and clean clothes for the city’s homeless.
  • EMC Egypt employees donated used clothing to the charity Misr Elkheir, which distributed the clothing to families in need.
  • For the fourth year, EMC China held Women in Technology forums.
  • Working with United Way, EMC Australia volunteered at the Glebe Centipede Center, an organization that provides services to underprivileged youth.
  • In the United States, 1,558 EMC employees volunteered for a total of 4,674 hours at the Community Harvest Project in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

Additional highlights include:

  • Through the annual anniversary program, 18,914 employees funded more than 2,100 projects in 138 countries around the world.
  • We ran 52 campaigns globally and donated $600,000 through charity:water to provide more than 18,000 people with access to safe clean water in Ethiopia.
  • Partnerships with local food banks, farms and hunger relief agencies resulted in delivery of more than 2,000,000 meals around the globe.

Community Service Awards
We foster a culture of giving back by recognizing employees who make exceptional contributions in their communities. Established in 2009, EMC’s annual Community Service Awards (CSA) recognize employees for their contribution to communities outside of causes we support at the corporate level. CSA winners can designate a nonprofit to which EMC makes a one-time financial grant in their honor. Since the program’s inception, EMC has given out 144 CSA awards to employees, and made contributions totaling $345,000 on behalf of CSA winners.

Top 2015 Community Service Award Winners:
Exemplary Awardee
Tim Butler - SenseAbility Gym Inc.,

Motivator Awardees
Carol Coffey - BASK (Balance and Service K9s)
Michael Laub - Congenital Heart Defect Coalition
Charis Loveland - Philbrick Elementary School
Courtney O'Connell - The Pittie Stop Rescue, Inc.
Ingrid Rauch - The Hope Heart Institute  

Stewardship Awardees
Mike Aguilar - Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
Russ Fox - Lowell's Boat Shop
Matthew Galas - Windy City Curling
Brad Goodman - Troop 773, Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America
Marie Heney - Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, Inc.
Brian Kling - Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue
James Kollett - Burrillville Youth Football & Cheer
Jonathan Leaman -
Bishoy Megally - Nas Hope
Terri Moreau - Good Shepherd
Kerrin Moser - Bellingham Educational Foundation
Scott Redfern - Simply Smiles, Inc.
Mohamed Sohail - Green Land Charity Association
Alfredo Taborga - Fondo Para La Paz
Weining Wang - Angel Performing Arts
Tina Yules - Ashland Education Foundation, Inc.
Yang Zhang - Beijing Ren Ai Charity Foundation

Community Service Award Spotlight: Tim Butler

Watch Tim discuss Senseability Gym

Tim Butler won the Exemplary Service Award for his volunteer work with Senseability Gym, a nonprofit started by his wife and a group of mothers whose children had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Sensory Processing Disorder. Its mission is to provide a safe, parent-directed sensory gym and therapy space where children can play and accommodate their particular needs.

Tim’s son Henry has both Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and another son, Leo, has a milder form of ASD. There was only one other similar gym in their area, and availability was limited to one day a week for a few months a year.

Tim spent 10-20 hours a week helping the group build the charity, devise a business plan, create a website, search for commercial rental space and fundraise. He also built and installed furnishings and equipment. On a recent visit, Tim pointed out how he helped hang some of the gym equipment using his engineering background and says he also serves as the main sounding board for all technology and business questions thanks to his EMC expertise.

“Perhaps most rewarding to me is that the new gym provides a place for people to receive support and make connections,” Tim says.

Disaster Relief
In the wake of natural disasters and emergencies, EMC assists communities with support for relief and recovery efforts. We respond by donating corporate funds, as well as by matching employee donations to responding organizations.

In 2015, EMC provided financial support in the wake of the several natural/catastrophic disasters such as the Nepal earthquake. EMC and employees donated $345,109 in relief funding to these crises.

Highlights of impact from Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

In response to Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, EMC employees inaugurated three EMC Centers of Hope in the Visayas Region in 2015.   Each center was built for emergency evacuation of the beneficiaries and local community people living near the area during disasters.  EMC-specific funding went towards the following in each location:

  • Talcoban- the ground floor of the center was completed. Finishing touches for the areas where community projects, daycare and feeding programs will reside should be finished in 2016.
  • Daanbantayan- the center was built in the poorest community of Banangay Agujo.  The ground floor of the building was completed and the rest is expected to be finished in June 2016. 
  • Ormoc- the completed ground floor will house the daycare center for underprivileged children, meeting space for livelihood training, computer and library room, and a kitchen for the children’s feeding program.

Caption: EMC employees inaugurate Centers of Hope in the Visayas region.

The donations from EMC and others have helped more than 200 local construction workers and their families, provided livelihood support to 64 families, and provided educational programing and supplemental feeding for 153 children.