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EMC and our employees play an active role in the communities in which we operate around the world. By supporting health, human services, arts programs, and disaster relief efforts, we are strengthening society and helping shape the future of our local communities. At the same time, EMC’s efforts are helping employees expand their skills and build on their understanding of the importance of our communities to EMC’s business.

Community Partnerships

EMC’s corporate giving and volunteer efforts are focused on supporting programs that provide access to education. We also recognize our responsibility to invest in other ways in the communities in which we live and work.

We also encourage employees to organize volunteer activities. From volunteering at food banks across the US to teaching young students about the importance of education in Colombia and Ireland, EMC employees participated in a wide range of service projects throughout 2013. Our dedicated Community Involvement team provides guidance and resources to support these efforts, including promoting activities internally, matching volunteers and initiatives based on skills, and recognizing employees through the Community Service Awards.

Please see below for a list of the partner organizations we proudly support through in-kind and financial contributions.

Some of EMC’s major community partners around the world

ACEV (Mother-Child Education Foundation)
Acorn Foundation
Alutare i Bambini
Big Bang UK
Breakthrough Silicon Valley
BT Young Scientist
Camp Harborview Foundation
Citizen Schools
Colciencias & FENCTY
Divesra/Rodrigo Mendez Institute
Euler Fund for Mathematics
Fundación Leer
Fundación Madrid Sindrome de Down
Give 2 Asia
Hadasa Neurim
Haogen Hakehilati
Hope School India

Hope Worldwide (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand)
IISME (Industry Initiatives for Science & Mathematics)
Inner-City Scholarship Fund
Junior Trampoline Educational Center
KJ Choi Foundation
Massachusetts State Science Fair
North Carolina State Math Competition
Pacific Science Center
PADF (Pan American Development Foundation)
PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute)
PAUTA (Programa Adopte un Talento)
RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers)
Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF)
Science and Technology in Action (STiA)
Science Buddies
Second Harvest
Tech Challenge
United Way Australia/New Zealand
ZOO Memorial Foundation

Jerry Diehl: Career Coach Volunteer of the Year

By day, Jerry Diehl is an engineer at EMC Apex, North Carolina. Later in the afternoon, however, he transforms into a mentor, educator, and career coach. During the past five years, Jerry has volunteered more than 300 hours to more than 130 students through the Citizen Schools program at a local middle school. In 2013, the organization awarded Jerry with the “Career Coach Volunteer Award” for all of his hard work.

Citizen Schools, a nationally recognized extended-learning-time program, offers students “apprenticeships” – 10-week courses that let them explore new fields and career opportunities through hands-on, project-based learning with community volunteers. Jerry and his team of EMC volunteers teach students the basics of electrical engineering by using actual engineering equipment such as breadboards, LEDs, fiber optics, soldering irons, schematic software, oscilloscopes, and more.
“For me, volunteering for Citizen Schools gives me an opportunity to have a positive impact on today’s youth,” Jerry says. “The focus on the middle-school level is great because it’s the time students need to start thinking about careers."

Community Service Awards

We foster a culture of giving back by recognizing employees who make exceptional contributions in their communities. Established in 2009, EMC’s annual Community Service Awards (CSA) recognize employees for their contribution to communities outside of causes we support at the corporate level. CSA winners can designate a nonprofit to which EMC makes a one-time financial grant in their honor. Since the program’s inception, EMC has given out 121 CSA awards to employees, and made contributions totaling $289,000 on behalf of CSA winners. Please see the following list of 2013 CSA recipients and organizations.

Top 2013 Community Service Award Winners

Exemplary Service Awardees
SenseAbility Gym
Tim Butler

Neonatal Brain Research Group
Brad Wrigley

Motivator Awardees
Community Technology Alliance
Connie Lawson

The Tiffany Club of New England
Grace Anne Stevens

Sudbury Cooperative Preschool
Ken Tonis

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Michael Guthrie

Mystic River Watershed Association
Steve Murphy

Sviva Israel
Tamar Wisemon

Boy Scouts of America, Daniel Webster Council Pack 19
Brad Goodman

Cornelia e Lange Syndrome Foundation
Dianne Lessa

Green Land Charity Association
Mohamed Sohail

The Green Grid
Roel Castelein

Community Service Award Spotlight: Brad Wrigley

Following the loss of his daughter Ava in 2009, Brad Wrigley, of EMC’s Cork, Ireland COE, set up the Baby Ava Foundation. The Foundation raises money for the Neonatal Brain Research Group (NBRG) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Cork. The NBRG is a multidisciplinary team established in 2003. The group aims to improve the long-term health outcomes of newborn babies through early and accurate detection of neurological problems. The NBRG is also developing applications of teleneurophysiology, and is reviewing the effect of medication on sick newborns. The NBRG and NICU take care of the sickest babies in Ireland, and the research they undertake is shared globally to improve future treatments.

To learn more, watch this video.

Community Service Award Spotlight: Timothy Butler

EMC Hopkinton’s Timothy Butler is a great example of the commitment of EMC employees to their local communities. The award recognizes Tim for his volunteer work with SenseAbility Gym, a nonprofit started by his wife and a group of mothers whose children had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Its mission is to provide a safe, parent-directed sensory gym and therapy space where children can play while having their individual needs accommodated. Tim’s son Henry has both ASD and SPD, and another of his sons, Leo, has a milder form of ASD. Tim spent 10-20 hours a week helping the group create the charity, devise a business plan, build a website, search for commercial rental space, and raise funds. He also constructed and installed furnishings and equipment.

Disaster Relief

In the wake of natural disasters and emergencies, EMC assists communities with support for relief and recovery efforts. We respond by donating corporate funds, as well as by matching employee donations to responding organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, Give 2 Asia, the International Red Cross, and the New Zealand Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

In 2013, EMC provided financial support in the wake of the China Earthquake, India Floods, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. EMC Corporate donated $620,000 in relief funding to these crises, including $170,000 as a corporate match to employee donations.

EMC Hopkinton and the Boston Marathon

EMC has a close tie to the Boston Marathon, with the starting line located in our headquarters community of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. On April 15, 2013, this venerable and joyous event was targeted by a terrorist bombing, affecting many of our employees directly or indirectly.

Nineteen “Team EMC” runners from 12 countries were running in the Marathon that day – part of a long EMC tradition to raise funds for the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center, also in Hopkinton, which provides emotional and physical support for individuals with disabilities. One of the bombs exploded feet away from an EMC employee who, with help from her fiancé, was pushing her disabled daughter across the finish line in a wheelchair. The fiancé was injured, but thankfully not seriously. Days later, we learned that another employee was related to the police officer who was shot and killed during the search for the bombing’s perpetrators.

In the days that followed, we focused in on the employees and their families who ran in the race, volunteered or had watched the race along the course. We brought counselors to several of our locations and held post-trauma support sessions. We were comforted by the many notes of concern, offers of help, and other extraordinary expressions of kindness shown by EMC employees, partners, and customers around the world.

We learned first-hand that strength, perseverance, and especially support can be of great help in coping after a tragedy.

Watch video: Mother/Daughter Marathon History

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