Environmental Strategy

EMC’s environmental strategy guides our approach to managing the environmental impacts of our business and allows us to work towards creating a net positive value for our company, stakeholders and the planet. We collaborate and engage with external groups with our primary focus on compliance, energy and climate change, material use, health and safety, and waste. This approach provides EMC with a thoughtful direction and a unified purpose, while enabling us to revise and update our efforts as needed based on the changing IT, environmental and regulatory landscape. In 2015, we reviewed and updated EMC’s Global Environmental Policy to better articulate our approach.

Defining Environmental Sustainability at EMC

Environmental sustainability is defined by keeping in mind the key stakeholders we serve: our employees and their families, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, and the greater global community. We seek to:

  • Protect and conserve the environment upon which we depend to live and work
  • Create value through adaptations that are required to thrive into the future
  • Mitigate risks from changes in the planet that we cannot influence

Environmental Management System

Our environmental management system covers regulatory compliance, waste reduction, conservation of energy and materials, and overall environmental impact. This has allowed us to certify all our company-owned global manufacturing sites with ISO 14001 and limit noncompliance.

We did not incur fines or nonmonetary sanctions at any of our company-owned global manufacturing sites for noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations in 2015.