EMC has a tiered structure of management and oversight of our sustainability practices. At the highest level, the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of the EMC Board of Directors (the “Governance Committee”), as specified in its charter, is responsible for overseeing our sustainability efforts. The Governance Committee meets regularly with the Chief Sustainability Officer throughout the year to review strategy, progress, and emerging issues.

In 2015, we continued to engage our Executive Sustainability Council (the “ESC”) to ensure our sustainability strategy and objectives are aligned with and integrated into our overall corporate strategy. The ESC consists of senior leaders, including:

  • President, Core Technologies Division
  • President, Global Product Operations
  • President, Products & Marketing
  • EVP and General Counsel
  • EVP, Human Resources
  • SVP and Chief Risk Officer
  • SVP and Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Accounting Officer

Working with the Chief Sustainability Officer, the ESC meets to discuss and consider stakeholder feedback, and to review and approve overarching strategy, priorities, messaging, and corporate sustainability goals.

At an operational level, EMC also receives insights from the Sustainability Leadership Council (the “SLC”). Drawn from more than 20 different business units and functions, the SLC shares ideas and practices, aligns programs, and drives company-wide sustainability initiatives throughout our worldwide businesses.