Customer Experience

Total Customer Experience

Customers are at the heart of EMC’s business strategy and corporate culture. Together—customers, partners, employees and leaders—we define the EMC Total Customer Experience (TCE).

EMC’s dedicated, global TCE program strives to enhance the total customer and partner experience, leveraging a data-driven approach for continuous improvement throughout the customer/partner journey in innovation, quality, interaction and services.

“Ever since EMC was created, customer experience has been front and center. A lot of companies say that, but we really do live and breathe it. Total Customer Experience is a cornerstone of what we do – our customers recognize it and give us very good net promoter scores because of it. We win industry accolades for it. It is part of our fabric.” -David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure

We are able to validate the success of our customer experience culture and investments through tangible customer results and direct feedback.

  • 24 percent increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) since 2014
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction scores (considered “World Class” by Walker Information, Inc.)
  • Received more than 92,000 customer and partner survey responses from 154 countries in 2015
  • Response from 4,000 EMC field employees indicating that a majority of customers are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with overall experience and that customer service is an even stronger differentiator in 2015 than it was in 2014

“What is the difference between EMC and its competitors? The EMC folks—they speak business outcomes…the experience is consistent across all departments—it is about how to delight me and how to make my experience better.” – Low Keong Keong, Chief Financial Officer, Trusted Source Private Limited, Singapore

Customer Experience Innovation

To differentiate EMC’s customer experience and keep up with the evolving technology and cultural needs of customers, we have implemented innovative practices and programs, including:

Data Lake & Governance Model

In 2015, EMC implemented a corporate Data Lake to serve as a common platform that provides cross-functional business units access to meaningful data and insights into how to respond proactively to known and unknown customer challenges. The Data Lake empowers EMC employees with information that can be leveraged to improve the overall customer experience.

Data Visualization Tools

Built on top of the Data Lake are interactive, user-friendly and customizable data visualization tools. These tools allow for an unprecedented level of data sharing, leading to more relevant customer conversations and, more importantly, provide critical information to enable customers to minimize risk and achieve maximum business outcomes. Examples include:

  • End-to-End Account Dashboard: Provides a 360-degree view of the customer data, including: revenue, product quality, Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, and customer perception of EMC vs. competitors.
  • MyService360 Customer Dashboard: Provides real-time insights into key service data, including risk alerts, system health and capacity, remote connectivity, and service history.

Personalized Collaborative Service Model
Customers expect EMC teams to work together to proactively solve their issues quickly. In the B2B technology industry, more customers are purchasing “solutions” comprised of multiple, multi-vendor products. To ensure we continue to meet and exceed customer expectations today and in the future, EMC has developed a new proactive services model to provide customers with a team of technical experts who are able to leverage the Data Lake platform, collaborate and solve an issue in real time. This new model has resulted in up to 50 percent faster resolution and far fewer handoffs between teams—two of the most important drivers of customer service satisfaction.

Predictive Customer Service Model

Deployed globally in 2015, the Predictive Customer Service Model predicts a customer’s satisfaction level with his/her service experience based on key data triggers and an advanced algorithm. Using the model, Service Managers are able to reach out to the affected customer proactively to discuss and correct the issue. This global effort has led to a 153 percent increase in customer satisfaction in 2015.

Global Text Analytics Program

In 2015, EMC implemented a cross-company text analytics program that allows us to categorize, measure and act on sentiment from more than 27,000 customer comments. Although EMC has had text analytics capabilities for some time, this new program allows employees across the organization to access the same data set and ensures that we are deeply in touch with what customers are saying about their end-to-end experience.

Ask the Expert Program

Ask the Expert allows customers to ask questions of technical experts via targeted online discussions. In 2015, this program had nearly 100,000 unique visitors from more than 50 countries with 44 percent of them spending more than 10 minutes per visit. These discussions are also available in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish and extend to other social channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Europe & Middle East Customer Advocacy Initiative

After a successful 2013-2014 pilot in Asia, the Customer Advocacy Initiative was extended to Europe and Middle Eastern customers in 2015. The initiative includes deep dive interviews with C-level leaders from 30 enterprise accounts. Their feedback is critical to address weak points in the current relationship as well as validate those areas that are working well.  

Africa Cultural Immersion Initiative

As EMC’s business continues to grow in emerging markets, it is essential that employees understand and adapt to customers’ cultural differences and find new ways to understand their needs, challenges and expectations. In EMC’s Egypt Center of Excellence, a new “Africanization” initiative provides opportunities for customer-facing employees to take part in a 6-month rotation across seven different functional areas to gain valuable technical training and cultural expertise. This initiative is expected to have a meaningful impact on the company’s increased growth in African markets.

Total Customer Experience Global Celebration

EMC’s second annual TCE Global Celebration in honor of the industry-wide “Customer Experience Day” event included 10,000+ employees and customers who took time to join onsite events in more than 10 countries. The events included customer presentations and remarks from EMC leaders thanking employees for their dedication to always putting customers first. At this event, EMC also hosted our first ever “Global Customer Experience Awards” to recognize outstanding team initiatives that impact the customer experience. The winning projects featured innovative approaches to sharing data insights across the company through the creation of an enterprise-wide Data Lake and governance model, as well as a new proactive, collaborative customer service model that will reduce time to resolution by up to 50 percent.

Executive Briefing Program

EMC’s Executive Briefing Program provides customers, partners and prospects the unique opportunity to interact with executive management, business leaders and technology experts across the company. By tailoring conversations to audiences ranging from Systems Architects and IT Managers to C-suite Executives, the Executive Briefing Program allows customers and partners to connect with EMC both technically and strategically. This interaction allows visitors to explore EMC’s position in the marketplace while collaboratively addressing their individual challenges, redefining strategies and ultimately working to transform their underlying business.

In 2015, EMC’s Executive Briefing Program hosted more than 3,800 briefings for 21,000 customers in our 11 global locations.

Industry Validation

EMC has been recognized and rewarded for our customer-first approach, receiving multiple industry awards in 2015, including:

  • Temkin Group “Customer Experience Excellence” Award
  • Technology Services Industry Association “Customer Analytics Innovation” and “Field Service Innovation” awards
  • Gartner “Strong Positive” rating for EMC Customer Service and Professional Services programs/delivery
  • Loyalty 360 “Customer Insights” Platinum Award

"EMC is far out in front of the pack, using advanced analytics to predict customer sentiment and behaviors. What really sets them apart is the culture of acting on this customer intelligence to create real business impact." - Phil Bounsall, President, Walker Information, Inc., 2015