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A Message from CSO Kathrin Winkler

Kathrin Winkler, CSO

To our Readers,

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2013 EMC Sustainability Report, “Thinking Forward”. We have chosen to retain the report title from last year because it continues to describe the need to approach business decisions with an understanding of their long-term implications. Our subtitle, “Redefine the Future,” is a reminder of our firm belief that the decisions we make today can and will shape the future of our company, our communities, and our planet.

For those who are new to Sustainability at EMC, we hope this report sheds light on how EMC approaches our role in the world. For those who have been with us on our journey, you will learn about our progress over the past year as well as some new and exciting targets we have set for our future. For both, we appreciate your support and encourage you to share your thoughts on how we can continue to improve both our programs and our communication with you.

This year, rather than organize our report along the three separate dimensions of sustainability --Environmental, Social, Economic (or People, Planet, Profit) – we have chosen to present our program by topic and by function. This approach emphasizes our belief that all decisions have implications for each of the dimensions, and that we should be conscious of how we optimize across all three.

Accordingly, our main report is organized by topic, describing why each of our top sustainability factors is important to EMC (and vice versa), and how we are approaching them across our entire value chain. We’re excited that this report includes the announcement of our new mid-term target for reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions, along with a number of other corporate targets for 2020.

For a deep dive into what sustainability means within each area of EMC’s business, we invite you to peruse the supporting detailed reports. These reports delve into how sustainability is incorporated into the major aspects of our business, including supply chain, products, operations, IT, customers, communities, governance, and most importantly, our people. Throughout these reports, you will find descriptions of how we are building sustainability into the way we work, such as with the Product Sustainability Assessment process launched in 2013.

It is my coworkers at EMC that I’d especially like to thank for all the progress we have made in 2013 and all the aspirations we hold for our future. It is my privilege to work with such a talented and passionate group, and I look forward to the new revelations and successes of 2014.

Best regards,
Kathrin Winkler
Chief Sustainability Officer

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