A Message from CEO Joe Tucci

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO

Message from EMC Chairman & CEO

We are in the midst of a radical shift due to digitization of business, the internet of things, mobile and social – cited by McKinsey as “bringing the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution.” At the center of this transformation is Information Technology, providing virtually every industry with the opportunity to better understand and shape the world around us. EMC is helping our customers navigate this change, and doing so ourselves, in a manner that contributes to greater well-being.

This digitization of our world is not just affecting business; it is affecting the lives of people. While these changes are creating unlimited opportunities – rapid access to targeted healthcare, precision agriculture and preservation of cultural artifacts – they are also creating new challenges. At EMC, we are committed to confronting and reducing our negative impacts, to measuring and reporting our results, and to collaborating to drive change at scale. Our efforts span every phase of our value chain:

  • Supply Chain: Working with suppliers to improve working conditions, protect vulnerable workers and develop new materials to replace hazardous substances in IT hardware
  • Operations: Embedding sustainability and security throughout our engineering processes, from design for the environment to energy efficiency reviews of all hardware and software
  • Customers: Innovating solutions that allow customers to do more with less, reducing not only energy but also costs
  • End of Life: Reclaiming old hardware when customers are ready to move on to new systems, ensuring that it, and any data it may have contained, are handled responsibly

Business and sustainability have become interconnected, and at EMC, we believe what is good for the world and what is good for business can, and should, be one and the same. In these pages, you will read about our key achievements and challenges in 2015, but most importantly, you will hear directly from our leaders about how EMC’s sustainability priorities intersect with our business.

Ultimately, sustainability at EMC is about our people. I am inspired by their passion, drive to innovate and commitment to a healthy future for our business and our communities. I am proud of our accomplishments thus far and am confident we will continue to change the world for the better.



Joseph M. Tucci
Chairman and CEO