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A Message from CEO Joe Tucci

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO
At EMC, we are looking towards the future.

The IT industry is in the midst of a major transformation as dramatic as any the industry has experienced before. EMC is at the nexus of three of the most important drivers of this transformation: the adoption of cloud computing, the emergence of real time, predictive Big Data analytics, and the need to protect and secure information and IT networks to ensure trust. At the same time, the world around us is undergoing massive demographic, environmental, and cultural shifts that affect us as members of our industry, as members of our local communities and as individuals.

As a company intent on creating lasting value for our customers, employees, investors and communities, we work to shape aspects of our changing world that we can influence and we strive to adapt where we must. Incorporating principles of sustainability in our product designs, operations, and decision-making enhances our resilience and agility in the face of global social and environmental events. Sustainable business practices create financial value by generating savings from more efficient products and operations and revenues from new market opportunities. Our commitment to a healthy and sustainable future also helps us attract, retain and engage our talent pool. Above all, being conscious of the impacts of our business on all of our stakeholders makes us a better partner, supplier, employer, and a better neighbor.

Our goal is for EMC to be a company that understands and considers the near- and long-term economic, environmental, and social implications of every choice we make. Through the efforts of an amazingly talented workforce of nearly 60,000 worldwide, and with the support of numerous stakeholders, we are making progress toward that goal. But we are not there yet. That is why I invite all of our internal and external stakeholders to explore this report to learn about our initiatives, accomplishments, and the work still ahead of us.

I am incredibly optimistic about our future and our ability to seize this opportunity. Thank you for supporting us on this journey.


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