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A Message from CEO Joe Tucci

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO

We are in a time of dramatic and rapid change in our industry and in our society that is driven by the accelerating adoption of new fundamental technologies – in mobile devices, in social networking, in cloud computing, and in new ways to harness the power of very large data sets (or “Big Data”). As a result, virtually all businesses need to rethink how they engage their customers, partners, and employees, and to build new digital capabilities and business models.

EMC is redefining the future through our business approach, a sustainability-minded model built for today’s ever-changing and resource-dependent world. Our approach is to focus on the areas where we have the greatest potential to create positive change, and to hold ourselves accountable by measuring and reporting our progress, maintaining open and candid communication with our internal and external stakeholders, and collaborating with our peer companies and those in our value chain to expand the scale of our contributions.

We are striving to capitalize on our greatest assets – our innovative employees and our industry-leading technology – in ways that create value and provide for the well being of our shareholders, the planet, and society by:

  • Delivering products, solutions, and services in a sustainable and responsible manner;
  • Producing innovative technologies that help our customers maximize the value from the massive amount of data being created, stored, and processed;
  • Collaborating in the development of environmental and social solutions that use our technologies;
  • Using our technologies to accelerate our own journey to sustainability; and
  • Inspiring and empowering our people to contribute their skills and knowledge to advance a sustainable future.

In these pages, you will read about EMC’s commitment to become a more sustainable business, key achievements and challenges in 2014, progress toward our goals, and our outlook for the future. I’m proud to lead an organization committed to creating a sustainable future.

Joe Tucci
Chairman and CEO