At EMC, we are committed to social and environmental responsibility throughout the entire product lifecycle. This begins with adherence to all applicable regulations on our products, from the materials that go into them to responsible recycling at the end of their useful life. We also go beyond what is required, taking proactive measures to protect people and the environment.

Below are links to commonly requested declarations for environmental, safety, and social product regulations, as well as more information about what EMC does to protect people and the environment. If you have additional questions, please contact your EMC sales representative or the EMC Office of Sustainability at

Product Environmental Declarations

EMC Declaration 2016 EU RoHS Recast Directive
EMC Declaration Regarding REACH
EMC Declaration Regarding Waste Battery And Accumulator Compliance
China RoHS 2 Hazardous Substance Concentration Chart
RSA Statement on Safe Use and Disposal of RSA Tokens
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Supply Chain Policies

EMC Policy Statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking
EMC Policy on Conflict Minerals Policy
EMC Supplier Code of Conduct

About EMC – Sustainability

Sustainability Report Library
Sustainability at EMC
Product Material Content
Product End-of-Life
Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility

Additional information pertaining to batteries

This EMC product contains batteries. EMC is conscious of the environmental impacts of its products, including the batteries inside, and works with customers to properly recycle the batteries in our products. Please contact your customer service representative to properly return batteries from EMC products to EMC for recycling.

If you have any questions regarding the return of batteries in EMC products, please contact your EMC customer service representative, or the EMC Office of Sustainability at