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EMC Residency Services Professional


Nadeem has a dual role as a storage operations specialist and resident consultant at a large customer site. He is responsible for managing a wide range of EMC SAN products and backup software, and is often the first point of contact for problem resolution.

Because the customer is migrating its non-EMC products to EMC, Nadeem is also heavily involved in new implementation activities, including SAN configuration and storage allocation. He is the only on-site resident, but works closely with an EMC team that includes a product manager, solution architect, account consultant, and implementation engineers.

The customer looks to Nadeem for strategic advice as well.

“Because I work at the customer site," explains Nadeem, "I foresee what requirements are coming. I work side by side with the administrator to look at these requirements and how EMC can help. My input has a big impact here and is part of why they are becoming an EMC shop. In my role as consultant, I give them suggestions for improving their environment that frequently leads to their buying more solutions from EMC. I am my their trusted advisor.”

Why Nadeem likes working at EMC

Nadeem finds the learning opportunities of his job to be his greatest reward.

“I worked as a backup administrator for seven years," says Nadeem. "I was not comfortable that I only knew one thing. Even though I knew something about SAN and EMC storage, I had never worked on it closely. In the year that I’ve been with the Residency Practice I’ve learned a lot. I am the main person here to deal with all of the customer’s EMC products. I’m still learning. I enjoy the versatility and the challenge and reward of being able to improve my technical abilities as well expand my job responsibilities.

“In the beginning, it was a challenge," adds Nadeem. "You can’t tell the customer you don’t know something. You need to show them that you can manage. But at EMC, you’re not alone. You have thousands of people behind you. That’s the way I learn. Even though I work alone here, I never feel alone.”

Do you want to work in the Residency Practice?

If you want to work in an environment that offers tremendous versatility, the Residency Practice may be right for you, says Nadeem. You should know how to work with a group of people who are not EMC employees, he adds. And you need aptitude in IT and the ability to convey confidence to your customer at all times, even when dealing with things outside your area of expertise.

“No one can know everything—there are hundreds of products and numerous ways to do things,” explains Nadeem. “You need to be able to seek out information that you don’t know.”