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EMC Residency Services Professional


As a Strategic Account manager, or SAM, Dennis has three areas of concentration. There is 24x7 escalation, which means when a customer places a Severity 1 or 2 call he gets paged and manages it from cradle to grave. There is account management—managing code levels, field change orders, and emergency bug fixes. And there is reporting—showing the customer how their equipment is working.

Dennis is also responsible for tracking shipments, coordinating installs, and more—everything that goes under account management. “As a SAM, you’re one-stop shopping for the customer’s post-sales activity,” he explains. 

Dennis also sifts through dozens of customer support emails daily to see if the information they contain applies to any of his customers’ environments.

Dennis’s thorough understanding of his customers’ environments and applications and his aggressive, proactive approach to overseeing their operations brings his customers peace of mind.

“I’m part of their staff, in a way. I know what their equipment is, I know when it’s down, I know the pain they’re in, and I know when to escalate. 24x7 Severity 1 escalation is a big commitment. At 2 a.m., when I get a Severity 1 call, I’m on it—and the customer is relieved that I’m on it,” he explains.

Because he is so close to his customers’ environments, Dennis is also able to provide feedback to EMC on areas for improvement—or exemplary areas—in the customer support process or staffing issues.

“I become an advocate for the customer, but I still work for EMC,” Dennis says.

Dennis manages multiple clients at a time (three, on average), and visits each at least once a week for 4 to 8 hours at a time. He works remotely the remainder of the time.

Why Dennis likes working at EMC

“I like that my responsibilities are diversified,” explains Dennis. “One day I can be in a pre-sales meeting learning about solutions. The next day I may be in the post-sales space managing customer problems. I learn a lot of things I never knew.”

Dennis joined the Residency practice after 13 years at EMC, where his roles included commercial partner manager and district service manager.

“As a manager, I hadn’t touched our equipment, but I could talk about it. We have so many products, and staying familiar with all of them can be a challenge, but there are plenty of resources I can tap for help with products I don’t know well,” Dennis notes.

“Every day I’m doing something different, and this is exciting,” he adds. “I definitely don’t get bored!”

Do you want to work in the Residency Practice?

You need to know “a little about a lot,” Dennis advises, adding that if you’re specialized, you need to diversify and be willing to learn.

"You need to be persistent in identifying and getting help from EMC resources who aren’t located at the customer site with you," Dennis continues. "Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, are also essential, as are good interpersonal skills and determination.”