EMC Strategy

Learn more about EMC's strategic areas of focus—and the growth opportunities they offer our company.
EMC's Strategy

Cloud transforms IT

Cloud is transforming IT by dramatically reducing hardware costs and making it simple to provision and move applications. EMC introduced the idea of "private cloud"—the journey to transform our customers' data centers into flexible, scalable pools of on-demand virtual infrastructure that they control. Customers also want to realize the benefits of public clouds, leading to a growing set of service providers that deliver highly specialized services for a particular industry, geography, or application from their cloud data centers. We call the ability to federate and spread workloads securely between private and public clouds "hybrid cloud computing." Our mission is to lead customers on the journey to hybrid cloud computing.

Big data transforms business

Big data is transforming business by allowing customers to gain deeper insights through correlating and analyzing structured data, unstructured data, and data from public sources in ways that were previously impossible. Given the volume and variety of big data, and amount of change it undergoes, traditional architectures and tools can't deliver on the big data opportunity. Customers need a new approach.

EMC has identified a simple three-step journey to help customers capitalize on the big data opportunity:

Phase I focuses on the storage/analytics infrastructure. Phase II involves the people and processes for analyzing and interpreting data sets. Phase III focuses on becoming a predictive enterprise—the technology and the people that make big data a part of the way you do business.

Other strategic differentiators

Flash Architecture
Security for Today's Threat Environment

The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and Advanced Persistent Threats are at the forefront of this evolution. Advanced Persistent Threats are targeted, thoroughly researched, amply funded, and tailored to a particular organization.

RSA's security portfolio takes a data-centric approach to security, which makes RSA ideally suited to help solve these increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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Scale-Out NAS

"The acquisition of Isilon Systems will provide EMC with unmatched scale-out NAS capabilities and adds to EMC's growing collection of strategic cloud assets."

-Brent Bracelin, Vice President, Pacific Crest Securities

Today, the challenge to effectively aggregate, store and leverage information into real-time insight has never been greater.

With Isilon, you can aggregate massive data sets and consolidate a range of applications onto a single, shared, easy to use storage resource - giving you full control of big data assets.

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ESG Scale-Out Storage 2.0

EMC Isilon's OneFS Operating System

EMC In Virtualized Environments

"EMC continues to be the dominant storage vendor in virtualized server environments, and we expect the company to continue to hold this position."

-Sarah Friar, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Virtualization is the foundation for cloud computing, so a customer's storage must be tightly integrated with its virtualization technology.

EMC storage is ideally suited for virtualized environments. EMC leads the way with more than 60 points of integration with the leader in virtualization, VMware.

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Record Breaking Leadership
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