Dell EMC Fellow Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman

Dell EMC Fellow Radia Perlman was recognized for her impact on society and honored as a member of an elite group of sixteen 2016 inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Seen as a trailblazing innovator, her induction pays tribute to the technology she invented and its influence on modern life.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame honors the individuals that have helped to stimulate growth in the US and beyond through their great technological and scientific achievements.

Radia’s Induction is to recognize her impact on modern technology through foundational work on Internet and networking protocols. Best known for her 1985 contribution the Spanning Tree—a network protocol that builds a logical loop-free topology for Ethernet networks—Radia holds over 100 patents and has received countless awards including induction into the National Academy of Engineers and the Internet Hall of Fame. Radia’s philosophy on technology is that people shouldn’t have to understand it to use it, “too much of the time engineers design for other engineers”. Radia has also made important innovations in areas other than Ethernet. Prior to Radia’s innovations in network routing, networks were fragile, difficult to manage, and much less scalable. She also is credited with inventing “tangible computing”, a concept to teach the concept of building computer programs out of physical objects.

Video: Radia Perlman on the development of Spanning-Tree Protocol algorithm

This recognition exemplifies the depth of technical expertise amongst our tremendous pool of talent within Dell EMC. Innovation is an everyday word in our company, being part of the commercial ecosystem provides an opportunity to turn ideas and inventions into practice. At EMC, we put brilliant minds to work to create, innovate, and explore technologies that will shape how information is delivered, managed, and used. We have some of the world’s brightest, most innovative minds in technology as part of our team creating a culture that contributes to success.

Having distinguished individuals like Radia as part of provides inspiration to the next generation of aspiring Dell EMC engineers. It’s important to have mentors like Radia who have created their own success and are willing to show others how that success can be attained. Aspiring Dell EMC innovators are able to work with bright, forward-thinking minds that are impacting the industry and changing the world.

Video: Dell EMC CTO John Roese recognizes Dell EMC Fellow Radia Perlman and her 2016 induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

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