CTO’s Corner

John Roese is Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Cross Product Operation at Dell EMC. He leads the Corporate Office of Technology, which is responsible for defining the company's information technology vision and strategy. Get John’s point of view on industry topics.


Converged Infrastructure

The next generation of CI is emerging: nonlinear scale, optimized software defined IT Services.


Cloud Technology

At Dell EMC we are shifting our focus up the stack to building new applications to solve business problems.


Cloud Impact by IoT

IoT solutions will radically change Cloud IT architecture. When IoT goes big, what effect will it have on today’s clouds?



Dell EMC CTO & EVP John Roese talks about the importance of building applications for multi-cloud infrastructure.


Value of Data

Data is one of your most valuable assets, but as an industry you do not have mature ways to value data. How is Dell EMC addressing this issue?



IT Infrastructures architectures are evolving quickly. RackHD is a new open source project created to enable automated infrastructure.



Dell EMC CTO & EVP John Roese discusses the evolution of the IT industry through the Internet of Things.



Dell EMC Global CTO, John Roese describes the transition to flash storage media as the beginning of the introduction of a series of new persistent data media.



Dell EMC Global CTO John Roese and Distinguished Engineer Dan Cobb discuss the evolution of storage media, server memory, and architectures.


Risks To IT Transformation

EMC Global CTO, John Roese shares his recommendations for enterprise IT to create the software development capacity your business needs to thrive in the Digital Economy.

Security Points of View

Dell EMC’s Kathleen Moriarty and current Security Area Director for the IETF discusses the current state of security issues the industry is trying to solve in this three-part series.

Encryption Everywhere: Part One

Encryption Everywhere: Part Two

Encryption Everywhere: Part Three


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