DELL EMC Glossary

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Appliance

Pre-configured infrastructure that natively integrates compute, storage and virtualization into a single appliance which modernizes the data center with simplified management, improved performance and elastic scalability.

Why should I consider a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance?

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances extend the benefits of the modern enterprise data center to departmental, enterprise-edge and regional offices. The technology makes it simple to acquire, deploy, and manage IT infrastructure and workloads.

How does a hyper-converged Infrastructure appliances work?

Hyper-converged Infrastructure pre-configures and manufactures compute, storage and virtualization as a single appliance that delivers a validated solution with greater performance, simplicity and scalability. The various components are architected on your behalf so you can ‘buy vs. build’ – allowing you to focus on benefiting the business instead of configuring and managing the underlying infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance?

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances deliver many benefits which include:

  • Simplified Management: Hyper-converged infrastructure provides centralized management that enables faster, better, and simpler management of consolidated workloads.
  • Built to Start Small and Scale: IT organizations can start small and easily scale capacity and performance by non-disruptively adding appliances to the cluster without the investment or up-front planning required with traditional infrastructure.
  • Optimized Workloads: Through a variety of native automation tools, hyper-converged infrastructure optimizes and simplifies the deployment of a variety of use cases including virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure.