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Mobile security concerns have been intensified by the need to manage access to a wide and growing spectrum of information types across the organization and, increasingly, into the cloud. EMC Consulting helps you to define the right mobile device security strategy for your organization by understanding where information moves, how it's used by mobile applications, and how it's governed.


Mobile device capabilities along with risks to your organization are rapidly escalating and must be effectively understood and managed, as follows:

  • Ecosystem and infrastructure shifts remain challenging.
  • Cybercrime is moving toward mobile devices.
  • New issues continue to emerge including legal discovery, search and seizure, and mobile device forensics.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting Mobile Device Security Advisory Services help you to define your mobile device security approach, identify gaps, and leverage recommendations for business workflow improvements, policies and controls, technology selection, and program optimization. These services encompass:

  • Mobile device security risk assessment
  • Mobile device security architecture and controls design

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting helps you to:

  • Expand your security policy and controls framework with mobile device-specific content.
  • Align policies and controls with business and regulatory requirements so that individuals and processes align with mandated and desired behavior.
  • Protect against information breaches through well-defined controls for hardening mobile devices.

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