Information Governance
Information Governance

Information is a critical business asset that fuels decision-making, collaboration, innovation, and, ultimately, business success. However, businesses incur significant costs and risks relating to privacy, availability, security, and compliance due to a lack of adequate controls and safeguards related to their enterprise information assets.

EMC Consulting helps you to understand, develop, and implement an information governance strategy that will increase the strategic value of information throughout its lifecycle while minimizing costs and risks.

EMC Consulting works with you to address your information governance challenges by:

  • Identifying high-value information assets
  • Defining information policies and stewardship
  • Uncovering storage vulnerabilities and strengthening storage security
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Taking care of business means taking care of critical and sensitive business information assets and managing risks appropriately. Forward-looking organizations understand this and define information policies and stewardship to ensure quality, compliance, and information protection.

EMC Consulting uses a value- and risk-based approach to information governance that clarifies roles and responsibilities to reduce risk and maximize the business value of information. We develop policies in the context of your business goals, stewardship, and regulatory requirements.

Experienced security consultants work with you to:

  • Classify information assets by business value, criticality, and sensitivity
  • Establish accountability models and approval rights by role
  • Build policies leveraging authoritative sources and best practices to support regulatory and business requirements


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A comprehensive information compliance strategy allows you to leverage the value of information within the business while mitigating risks.

We focus on your most critical and sensitive information to:

  • Implement policies for information collection, use, retention, and deletion
  • Implement processes for monitoring and measuring value, risks, and efficacy of information governance
  • Meet compliance requirements for information assets
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It is imperative to align your information governance requirements with your information infrastructure. EMC Consulting helps you first determine the importance of your business information, then define the appropriate IT architectural framework so that it balances your business requirements with your IT service levels and meets protection and archiving requirements.

Our information architects can help you to:

  • Identify risk in your storage environments
  • Assess gaps that need to be addressed and advise on best practices
  • Recommend policies, controls, and procedures to harden technical storage environments
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