managed availability services
Managed Availability Services


EMC Managed Availability Services provide multi-year business continuity program support to drive continuing improvements in service levels.  EMC consultants recommend, implement, and manage an ongoing business continuity program addressing your organization’s specific requirements.


Your organization's business continuity and availability programs may:

  • Fall short of meeting service-level requirements, both today and in the future.
  • Place unreasonable demands on IT, preventing them from focusing sufficiently on business continuity concerns.
  • Lack an adequately staffed and equipped recovery data center.
  • Rely on tape-based backup or an outdated infrastructure that no longer meets business requirements.
  • Suffer from failed audits, lengthy recovery times, or exposure to data loss following an outage.

Our Approach

Managed Availability Services provide you with long-term business continuity support—the typical Managed Availability Services program runs 3-5 years. This service enables your organization to:

  • Drive agreed-upon program results by collaborating with an EMC program manager and dedicated staff.
  • Access EMC subject matter experts, freeing your technical staff for other work.
  • Acquire a fully documented set of processes, tools, and training materials, saving you from building and managing them yourself.
  • Access best practices and periodic briefings on industry trends and technologies that keep you updated on new developments.

Measurable Outcomes

Managed Availability Services from EMC will:

  • Provide hard-to-find talent over a sustained period.
  • Assure you through quarterly briefings that the program is producing results and reducing business exposures.
  • Save you the time and expense of developing and maintaining processes, tools, and training materials.
  • Reduce complexity and management overhead and improve accountability for results through EMC’s single-supplier model.

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