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Business Analytics Assessment

EMC Consulting’s Business Analytics Assessment service links your strategic business initiatives to support data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytical requirements. By providing resilient information, this four- to five week program assesses your current readiness state and creates a transformational roadmap that will align your business and IT leaders.

This program outlines the necessary steps required to leverage information in a way that provides the perspective and insight necessary for business leaders to make smarter, well-informed decisions.


Lacking a well thought-out approach to creating an environment that will bridge the gap between data and analytics can be daunting. Data is being stored and shared by more users, in more formats, across more systems than ever before. However, the challenge lies in harvesting the data and turning it into a tool for competitive advantage.

With isolated pockets of data that may or may not be accurate, with no way to integrate data across disparate systems, and with limited access to the data by relevant stakeholders, organizations have a difficult time making efficient, timely decisions.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting industry experts identify practical business-analytics solutions to deliver value to your business. We can help you with:

  • Maturity assessment of your current state–data, technology, and organization
  • High-level prioritized business and IT requirements and objectives
  • Prioritized business initiatives and supporting IT goals and objectives
  • High-level transformation roadmap with recommendations and resource plan


Measurable Outcomes

Our Business Analytics Assessment service can:

  • Clearly define vision and priorities for time, technology, and employee participation investments
  • Identify and prioritize enterprisewide business initiatives and IT requirements
  • Drive consensus and alignment between IT and the business
  • Develop an implementation roadmap that meets your enterprise’s standards and business needs to minimize disruption to the current process


Big Data Advisory Service
New data segments now provide beneficial insights for your organization.