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 enterprise core solution
Enterprise Core Solution


EMC Consulting has a proven track record of helping organizations across all sectors of industry. We define, implement and support ECM solutions powered by the Documentum platform. Our Enterprise Core Solution approach can be the key to your enterprise content management (ECM) success.


Raising content management to the enterprise level can be challenging for organizations due to:

  • Inconsistent application of best practices and standards.
  • Multiple vendor solutions.
  • Little re-use of content across applications and departments.
  • Low confidence in content accuracy and security.
  • Absence of a clear business case.
  • Missing roadmap.
  • Low user adoption.

We take a core solution approach that concentrates on integrating the most relevant business applications first. We deliver simple ECM functionality to a wide user base as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our Approach

EMC is uniquely positioned to provide full information lifecycle management solutions, from data creation through storage and disposal. Our ECM experts work closely with you to deliver a “thin and wide” approach that accelerates your ECM deployment.

Measurable Outcomes

Our Enterprise Core Solution is a best practice configuration of EMC Documentum technology that: - Speeds deployment while minimizing cost and risk. - Eliminates “information silos.” - Uses a standardized role based security model. - Incorporates metadata inheritance from folders and document types. - Allows cross-functional collaboration. - Easily integrates other business applications via web services.

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