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Document Sciences xPression Enterprise Edition
Document Sciences xPression Enterprise Edition EMC Document Sciences xRevise Intelligent Multichannel Customer Communications

EMC Document Sciences xRevise

EMC Document Sciences xRevise streamlines your contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes. Designed for business users, xRevise enables you to retrieve and view contract data, automatically generate contract drafts, and employ a Microsoft Word-based editing environment for baseline contract revisions using a searchable library of pre-approved terms and clauses.

Using xRevise, contract versions can be compared side-by-side for easy change detection and resolution of differences. Once your edits are complete, the negotiated contracts are generated by xPression in electronic and/or printed versions in a variety of formats for multichannel distribution.

Content search and reuse: Rapidly search and reuse standard, custom, and optional terms to accelerate drafting and approval processes.

Carry-forward capability: Intelligently combine desired language from past contracts with current contract templates.

Contract approval workflow: Streamline approval processes through an intuitive automated workflow.

Negotiation audit trail: Ensure compliance with audit trail of entire contract creation and negotiating processes.

Contract generation: Automate contract generation using preapproved data and rule-based templates.

Multichannel delivery: Generate contracts in a variety of print and electronic formats for multi-channel distribution.

Contract retention: Archive contract versions in various ECM systems for records management, search, storage, and retrieval.

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