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Individual Development Plan (IDP)

At EMC, Development Planning is an ongoing, evolutionary process that identifies the strengths and gaps in everyone’s capabilities. More importantly, it enables us to identify solutions that close these gaps.

As an EMC employee, you will work with your manager to establish your Individual Development Plan (IDP), which documents strategies to help you develop and grow. Your development can be career-oriented, or it can expand skills while focused on a current position or a future position. By establishing and following a successful development plan, you will get the skills necessary to meet your current and future goals.

Your IDP will strike a balance between your career aspirations, your strengths and opportunities for improvement, and the needs of the business. Development Goal Measurement Activities may include job-based assignments, self-development, or educational activities.

EMC development model

Your IDP will follow the EMC Development Model, a tool to simplify selection of development options when you and your manager are in development planning discussions. The model includes specific classes offered by EMC University that promote growth and development based on your current role—and lay the groundwork for skills required by a future position.


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